YouTuber becomes Rock Lee in 60 Days!

Jimmy Zhang, YouTube content creator and comedian, made heads turn last year when he took on the One Punch Man workout for 30-days. Now, he’s back again!!! And this time it’s the training regime of Rock Lee he’s tackling on.

During the time he did the One Punch Man workout, the YouTuber seriously toned his physique. But in his recent post, Zhang reveals that he “let himself go” since the One Punch Man video. So, he decides to try a workout routine inspired by another hugely popular anime; Naruto. To be more specific, the next character he chose was none other than Rock Lee, the taijutsu specialist of Konoha.

The workout that Zhang will be following every single day comprises of:

  • 100 pushups
  • 5 minutes jump rope
  • 5 minutes Stairmaster (with leg weights)
  • handstand

In just the first week, Zhang quickly realizes which of the exercises is the most difficult. He says, “Each workout comes with its own challenges”. He further says, “This handstand shit is a constant bitch slap in the face, because every time you attempt it, you just fail. You fall on your ass, boom. Fail, fail, fail”.

By the end of the first 30 days, Zhang is still struggling to keep the handstand in place. “It might take a few more weeks,” he says, extending Rock Lee’s challenge to two months. Sixty days after starting this workout for the first time, his technique, endurance and performance improved significantly, as did his muscle definition.

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