Yamato anime debut leaves One Piece fans gawking!

One Piece fans are freaking out over the surprise debut of Yamato in the anime with the newest episode! Oda introduced the character in his original manga run some time back. And ever since then, fans have been excited about his anime debut.

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Yamato serves an important purpose in the Wano Country arc’s third act, and his overall role in the ongoing battle against Kaido and Big Mom. As expected, fans were hyped for the cameo, but it lacked any context of Yamato’s gender identity. This led some to question how Yamato views their gender, but fans shut it down fast.


In the manga, the evidence showing Yamato as transgender is very abundant. But anime fans hasn’t had enough time yet to get themselves familiarized with the character’s sexual identity. Visually, his overtly feminine looks still throw fans off. Not only does the hero use traditional male pronouns, but so does Luffy and all the Straw Hats at request and even Kaido and the Beast Pirates do it.

yamato One Piece

The series officially ended the Oden Flashback arc with it’s 976th episode and brought the anime back into the events of the present day. Luffy and the rebel forces are now preparing their raid on Onigashima, and with this comes a huge new wave of unexpected battles. Yamato gets a huge center stage moment in the updated version of the opening. His face is obscured because he has yet to be fully (and officially) introduced, but it’s only a matter of time from here on out. This is probably why fans are going cuckoos over this surprise cameo.

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