Winning team of WCS India ANNOUNCED!

Nodwin and AIMAP who take care of the WCS national Preliminaries finally announced the winner of 2021’s WCS Indian region. And the team who took the title is a small team from Arunachal who went by the name of Lapis Lazuli. They both did magnificently to make our country proud as they got high praises from cosplayers like Enrico Sequi from Italy, Konomi Akira from Japan and our very own Reuben from Northeast India who proudly represented India on the last WCS Japan.

Of course, first we have the forever high spirited cosplayer we all know and love as Juno Pinggam or Hotaru Juno. Even though she has been busy appearing almost every day in her daily streams (go watch her streams, they’re actually really fun to watch). Where she plays games like Among Us and Mobile Legends. She has garnered more and more fans as the day goes by.

Juno Hotaru
Kitsune Blood

The other member of the duo is none other than our cosplay sweetheart, Kitsune. People consider her skills with sewing to be the topmost of the top tier in Indian cosplay community. We can see this when she won the top prize in the prestigious Hyderabad Comic Con. And now World Cosplay Summit India, 2021.

After a long and harsh road full of confusions and misunderstandings. A road no one has ever travelled because World Cosplay Summit kept on cancelling because of a certain virus we don’t even want to mention. We finally have the winner, but this is but a trip…a point of rest and the journey is yet to be completed.

They now have to step up for the final World Cosplay Event which is happening later this year. They posted on their website and Facebook that the “World Cosplay Summit 2021” will take place during the weekend from 7 August (Sat) through 8 August (Sun) 2021. Now we just have to wait and see as our girls compete at the highest summit for cosplay.

We cannot end this article without mentioning the teams who tried their hardest for WCS India. Even with the many circumstances they were in. They worked their hardest, but it was just not meant to be. But I’m pretty sure they will only return next year but only harder and better.

Some names closest to the prize are our very own Shillong boys, Abyssal Scar who was the next best team in the whole competition and missed the prize by a whisker. Followed again by the team Sangrima and team Mao. We then have the Sangai and Zenzirou who also tried their hardest. But circumstances made it very difficult for each team to give their very best.

Abyssal Scar from Meghalaya

Considering the situation at hand, the competition was actually very tough and exciting. We hope the energy and vigor of each team doesn’t let up and they come back stronger next year. The very best to Lapis Lazuli for the finals; we know you’ll do us all proud.

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