White Haired Anime: The Top 10

Top Ten White Hair Anime

Anime characters have a unique variety of hair colour, hair styles and some even show their transformation form like Goku (Dragon Ball). Oh!! Don’t forget Tomura Shigaraki, who recently turned White Hair during the fight against Re-Destro. White Haired Anime characters with blue eyes hmm.. they are the cutest. The colour just stand out so much. Some even have white hair with red, black, or even golden strands, which makes them look cool. 

Before diving into this list, you may want to check my other list, like the Strongest Black Clover Captains or the Best Chibi Characters and The Best Anime Girls. But in order for us to understand what is anime and how it came to be, we have to understand its history. Which you can read a brief write-up of both so you don’t look stupid the next time you argue with someone. Read my History Of Anime and History of Manga. Do check out my latest article on Bungou Stray Dogs Characters and Their Abilities. I put a lot of time into that and I’m super proud of how it came out.

Here is the list of some of the best white hair characters with white hair. Yes, there are tons of them, but we will select those who are the best of the best. Some are from Anime which most people don’t really remember anymore. But let’s bring them back with this list.


Noelle may start off as an amateur, not knowing how to use her magic. But this does not get to her as she always does her best not wanting to be left behind. In every new Arc, she would always come with the increasing potential capabilities of a knight. Pushing past her limits is what drives her to become a great magic knight. After her training in the Heart Kingdom with Lolopechka and her water spirit Undine, she would gain more confidence and became a lot stronger.

White hair anime Noelle Silva
NOELLE SILVA (c) Yūki Tabata/Black Clover Production Committee.
White haired anime List

She even got training from the Elf’s, which made her improve even more and was ready to face off Megicula. This is the fight to avenge her mother’s death. She is also a typical princess who exalts herself as she comes from a Nobel family, but she also cares deeply about her friends and comrades. Though she will not show this side of hers to just anyone and tend to keep it to herself.


Norman, the child prodigy of Grace Field House. He is a genius and the brain of the escape operation from the House. Though Norman gets transported to another facility, Emma and Ray followed through with his plan to escape. People often consider Norman as “Premium Quality Goods” as his intelligence surpasses even that of adults. Norman is a brilliant strategist and is unbeatable in the game of tag. He has frequently outwitted many enemies, be it humans or demons. As brave as he is, he is also very calm and level-headed person. The kind that other kids rely on when it comes to making plans and come up with ideas. Norman possesses a strong analytic and deductive skills where he can even plan in advance of what to counteract in the future. 

To call Norman a smart kid is a major understatement, as he never fails to show us his level of intelligence and loyalty in relation to his family members.     

(c)Kaiu Shirai/Posuka Demizu/The Promised Wonderland Production Committee
White haired anime List


One of the S-Class Mage from Fairy Tail Guild, she is strong and the whole guild respects her. Mira is sweet, caring and at the same time known as ‘The Demon’. Her top priority is taking care and protecting her younger siblings and her Guild Members, which she considers them family. She has a motherly attitude by being kind and affectionate. But you wouldn’t want to mess with her as she can knock you out in an instant when she’s angry or if anyone crosses the line.   

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MIRAJANE STRAUSS (c) Hiro Mashima/Fairy Tail Production Committee.
White haired anime List


The First and Silver King in the world of K-Project Anime. He has a calm demeanour and is kind and friendly towards anyone, be it humans, animal, and even robots. Before obtaining the body of Yashiro Isana, Weismann was a researcher and studied the Dresden Slate in order to obtain peace and happiness. He opposes the war and does not want to involve himself with it.

ADOLF. K. WEISMANN (c) GoHands and GoRA
White haired anime List

He is very cooperative, but as Yashiro, he is sometimes known as a liar or a trickster. Yashiro or Weismann strive for peace and happiness that led him to the point of destroying the Dresden Slate. This is for the sake of protecting everyone and taking it away from those who are hungry for power and destruction.


Soul is a demon weapon in the anime Soul Eater and his form is the Death Scythe. He is brave and courageous when it comes to protecting Maka Albarn and his friends. Coming from a famous musician family, he is skilful with the piano. Soul can sometimes be immature, but as time passes, he became more mature and easier to work with. Inspired by Maka, he followed her example of becoming a better friend and partner. Later in the anime, he became much more level-headed and committed to his role. Even though he has Black Blood running through his veins, he still has an extremely strong will power to control and keep his and Maka’s sanity intact. Soul is very observant and is always alert when it comes to suspicious people around him or his friends. 

Soul Evans
SOUL EVANS (c) Atsushi Ōkubo/Soul Eater Production Committee
White haired anime List


Kija is the White Dragon and one of the four Dragon Warriors who travel alongside Yona and Hak. He was the first Dragon who followed Yona after learning that she is The King Hiryuu reincarnation or The Red Dragon. Kija is very polite and helpful and he deeply cares about his family and those close to him. He would do anything to protect those who are important to him. But is often gullible and is unaware of the outside world. Kija is also very competitive and brave and would always do his best to show and prove how strong he is. What he loves the most is getting praised by The Princess/Yona. Kija’s powers lie in his right hand and are in the shape of a dragon claw. He is also able to change its size as per each battle and combat style. 

Kija Dragon
KIJA (c) Mizuho Kusanagi/Akatsuki no Yona Production Committee
White haired anime List


Toge is a second-year student at Tokyo Jujutsu High who possesses the Cursed Speech technique. This is considered rare and powerful in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. He rarely communicates with anyone because he wants to avoid any accidents due to his curse technique. Though he is very caring and protective towards his comrades. Toge is a level-headed fighter who remains calm in any situations. If needed be, he can form a strategy even in tight up position and ready to execute it immediately. Toge is the type of character who is brave and never panics, regardless of how the fight is progressing. He is quick and athletic; he also has high endurance, which is incredibly important considering his techniques and skills. Even when his throat gives out, he still does his best in propelling the enemies.

White hair anime Toge Inumaki
TOGE INUMAKI (c)Gege Akutami/Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee
White haired anime List


Dante is a half-demon, half-human who is the son of the demon Sparda. He runs a devil hunting business and exterminates them for a living and became known as the Devil Hunter. He is incredibly strong and can handle almost any demon coming his way. Dante is fearless and loves to taunt his enemies. Dante cares deeply for his family and friends but despises his father for the death of his mother. Even so, he still respects him as a father and a really powerful character. He is very skilful with his sword and guns, which makes his demon slaying job quite easy. He loves fighting and possesses inhuman speed and accuracy. Dante’s endurance is high and can sustain most critical injuries which would be certain death compare to any human. He would do anything within his power to eliminate all demons coming his way.

White hair anime Dante
DANTE (c) Capcom/DMC production Committee
White hair anime List


Gojo is a special grade jujutsu sorcerer who people consider as the strongest sorcerer to many. He teaches at the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College. Gojo has a playful nature and is very friendly and close with his students and colleagues. But when it comes to his enemies, he can be pitiless and would go all out against them. He would overwhelm his enemies with his immense strength and ruthlessness. He can be cold-blooded and destroy all opposing opponents, but he will never harm the innocent. Gojo is one cool Sensei as he can get along pretty well with his students. He would go to any length to teach his student like Yuji to control his strength and to train him.

White hair anime Gojo Sataro
GOJO SATARO (c) Gege Akutami/Jujutsu Kaisen Production Committee
White hair anime List


Sanemi is one of the strongest Wind Hashira in the Demon slaying Corps. He will slay any demon that challenges him and even took out a Lower rank One before becoming a Hashira. He has a younger brother who he cares for and wants to protect from the demons. We often see Sanemi as a hot-headed and rude guy who doesn’t show signs of affection towards anyone except Kagaya Ubuyashiki. But during the fight with the Upper Rank 1, he somehow showed compassion towards Giyu, his fellow Hashira. He was courageous that he did not back down from the fight against Muzan himself. By the end of all the chaotic fight against the demons, he finally showed affection toward Nezuko by patting her on the head with a warm smile.

White hair anime Sanemi Shinazagawa
SANEMI SHINAZUGAWA (c)  Koyoharu Gotouge/Demon Slayer Production Committee
White hair anime List

Sanemi may have seemed like a rude character from the start, but that was all about him not knowing how to show how he truly feels towards his family and friends. Deep down he is a good guy and also one of the best characters from the anime.

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