Best Thriller Webtoons Recommendations 2021

It’s time to take a 90-degree turn from the previous Webtoon recommendations (romance) we listed for you. Let’s now take a dive into some MUST Read Thriller Webtoons. If you’re a connoisseur of everything thriller, you know there’s nothing better than reading about mysterious beings, killers on the loose, and monsters. The following list is a great place for you to start your journey on thriller webtoons. Get ready to curl up in your blanket as you read these

Status – Completed
Source: Nightmare Factory (c) Snailords

Emai the lonely insomniac writer, wrote different types of stories with different characters, filled her library with all the stories she created in her head. One day when she entered in a game called Nightmare Factory where she encountered a boy name Kreyul. He assists her in the game and later learns that he is one of the character that she wrote in her stories. She believed that she has family members only to find out that they only exist in her memories. Somehow, her memories are all mixed up and confusing. With the help of Kreyul, Emai will dig up all her novels that she wrote to find out more about herself.
Travel in to the thrilling world of Nightmare Factory with Emai and Kreyul in search of her identity.

This is definitely one of the top MUST Read Thriller Webtoons

Status – Ongoing
Source : Shotgun Boy (c) Carnby Kim and Hongpil

What if you live in a world where there are mysterious beings that looked exactly like humans? And these creatures disguise themselves among the people only to hunt them down one by one. When you’re stuck in a remote area and cannot find your way back. And all routes of escape seemed to be blocked. Well, Gyuhwan, the Protagonist of this thrilling story, also the boy who is being bullied in his school, stumbles upon a shotgun while running away from his bullies. This Shotgun happens to be the only weapon that can kill these creatures. What will he do with it? Will he take them down with this gun? Or will he use it against his bullies? Well, let’s see how Gyuhwan will get out of this mess.

Status – Ongoing
Source : My Deepest Secret (c) Hanza Art

My Deepest Secret is a must read webtoon thriller story about a cute, shy, kind-hearted girl, who is in a delusional state. Also, one of our MUST Read Thriller Webtoons choice and read on to understand why.

One can say that trauma always leads to mental problems and stability. Emma as a child faced a traumatizing childhood due to her abusive father. After she was freed from him, she grew up at a relative’s place who took her in when she was young. As she got older, she was advised to move and stay independently. During this time, she met a boy whom she admired since her childhood. When approaching him, she learns that he was not available to her. How did Emma react to this? This is the thrilling story about Emma, her perfect boyfriend and a schoolmate of hers. What are their deepest secrets? How will Emma fight off all these complications in her life?

Status – On Hiatus
Source: #Killstagram (c) Ryoung

‘Killstagram’ when we hear this word first that comes to mind is ‘Instagram’. Yes, this story is about social media and Remi Do is a very popular influencer. She has tons of followers and her posts get over 10,000 likes instantly. But little did she know that among those followers there was a stalker! No, a serial killer! Eventually Remi will have to face this unknown person, and what will become of her? This is a very interesting story that teaches us to be wary of social media and to curb the need to expose our privacy online. Because you never know who is out there and who is keeping a close eye on you.

Status – Ongoing
Source: It’s Mine (c) LuckS

What do you do when you have a stalker and you happen to befriend them, only to fall for each other? Yohan Do, will do anything and everything to protect the one he loves. Oh! It so happens that there is also another stalker, but this one has a murderous vibe. Will Yohan be able to protect the girl he loves? Or what will happen when he learns about his past life with the one who is willing to harm his girlfriend? This is an amazing story with great plots. If you’re up for thriller slash romance, this is a good place to start.

Status – Completed
Thriller Webtoons Scene from Pig pen by Carnby Kim and Beom Sick Cheon
Source : Pigpen (c) Carnby Kim/ Beom Sick Cheon

A mysterious boy wakes up and suddenly notices that he is on an unknown island. While searching for his way out, he tries to think of ways on how to get out or get help, only to realize that he does not remember who he is or his name. While wandering around the island, he meets a family who takes him in. But as days go by, he notices something off about these people. Is killing the family the only way out or is it just his imagination?

Status – Completed
Thriller Webtoons Scene from Bastard by Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang
Source: Bastard (c) Carnby Kim/ Youngchan Hwang

One of the most amazing stories created by Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang, the same creator of Pigpen, Shotgun Boy and Sweet Home. Bastard is just one of those stories which had to make our list of must Read Thriller Webtoons.

This is a story about a boy named Jin Seon who is being bullied at school for his weak demeanor. Although Jin’s weak personality is not because of his school tormentor, but someone Jin fears the most and is the person he calls the devil who brought misery to his life since childhood. This person is Jin’s father, a serial killer and he has been forcing his only son to be his accomplice.

Unwillingly, Jin has been helping his father in his crimes, to bring the victim to their home. However, Jin finds out that his father’s new target is his only friend and a crush. Will Jin help her, or will he help his father? Bastard is a thriller in every sense of the word that involves realistic people with no supernatural powers. Jin’s father, seeming like a normal dad running a successful business is deeply disturbing. Everything seems perfect until you get to know them.

Status – Completed
Thriller Webtoons Scene from Sweet home by Kim Carnby and Hwang Young-chan
Source : Sweet Home (c) Kim Carnby / Hwang Young-chan

Personally, I’d say this is the best of the best thriller out there and if you are really into this stuff, I highly recommend Sweet Home. There is a reason Kim Carnby appeared 4 times in our list must Read Thriller Webtoons. It is not just horrifying and creepy; the story is just exhilarating. Hyun Cha, a boy who lost his family in a car accident, moved from his home to rent an apartment so he can stay by himself. He has lost all hope and always thinks his life is meaningless.

He wishes to die and even sets up a date to take his own life. Before that day comes, monsters appear and slaughters most of the people. After Hyun witness the death of the father of two children, his conscience was telling him he has to save the kids. Hyun then struggles to survive even though he was slowly turning in to one of them. A voice keeps calling him to his deepest desire, if he ever gives in, he would turn in to one of these monstrous creatures, however he is fighting it along with the help of his new friends.

What do you think of this list? Wanna start right away? Brace yourself!

But maybe you’re more of a romantic person? Loving that queasy feeling when the main character try her hardest to make the man/woman she loves come for them. If that’s so, maybe our list of Best Romance Webtoons might just be the thing for you.

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