Valve revokes CS-GO free prime status, bans over 10,000 booster and bot accounts

In a huge update dropped on June 4, Valve surprised all CS-GO players by introducing major changes in the game. The CS-GO prime status which was free to get until now has been revamped and is now a paid only feature. So far, players could get the prime status just by completing in-game milestones or achievements, this method has been removed. Although, the game is still technically a free to play, many other features have been removed for non-prime accounts.

The players who were playing so far on non-prime accounts stand to lose their ranks and have been given a window until 17-June, 2021 to buy the prime version. Meanwhile, a new unranked mode has been introduced for the free to play version.

What changes for non prime CS-GO players

  • They won’t be able to earn ranks, XP, skill groups and item drops.
  • They can no longer claim service medals, activate bonus rank items.
  • Players will loose access to the ranked system and can only play in unranked mode.
  • They can no longer enjoy prime status without purchasing it.
Screenshot non-prime features
Screenshot showing how non-prime users will view features

The prime players will get to enjoy all the existing features and all game modes. The only difference will be when playing in ranked mode, where they’ll only be paired with other prime members. This is unlike the previous match-making system where both got paired together. Apart from the ranked mode, the other modes will allow both kinds of players in with the mixed lobby being downgraded to non-prime.

The premium version can be purchased in-game or through the steam store and is priced at 1,140 INR or $14.99 USD.

Over 10,000 CS-GO bots and booster accounts banned right after the update

In the latest ban-wave, over 10,000 accounts have been banned. The wave targeted all the booster and bot accounts that were made for the purpose of re-selling. The ban-rate was reportedly 52 times higher than the past average.

A tweet by user @killa highlighting the ban-wave

For those who don’t know, these type of accounts are made specifically by players to achieve prime status and sell them illegally. This is highly profitable for the sellers and also encourages cheaters to return to the game after being banned once. The cheaters usually just buy one account and go back to using their hacks on the new account.

The ban-wave is still not over with Valve hinting at another set of bans coming soon. They are now taking feedback from players in the form of reports. A player can report booster accounts by sending an email to valve at [email protected] detailing their experience and giving out the names.

Valve finally appears to be taking some much needed steps towards reforming the game. The move will certainly help with the number of cheaters and people using illegitimate accounts, improving the over-all gameplay experience if you choose to buy prime. If Valve adds to this effort by taking more stringent steps and being consistent in it’s fight against cheaters, the game can certainly go back to what it used to be a few years back.

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Featured image: Reddit

Source: AFKgaming, twitter.

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