Valve and the CS:GO cheating problem

The cheating problem in CS:GO has been worsening ever since they made the game a free to play on steam. Some experts are already hinting at the slow demise of the professional scene in many countries where pro players are shifting to the new game Valorant in droves. The success of Valo might just be because of similar features that it has taken from other games. Although some players call the game a rip-off, it can’t exactly be called one as it has it’s own features to boast of. Valorant in some ways fulfills on what’s missing in CS:GO like 128-tick servers and a better overall anti-cheat system.

Speaking to any random CS:GO player will give you an idea of how bad the cheating problem is. Trusted mode also doesn’t seem to work with quite a few high level players complaining of encountering spin-bots regularly, who can shoot you out from any point across the map. A quick look at twitter suggest’s the same with many players saying the condition of the game right now is nothing but pathetic.

The thriving community of hackers

Valve itself has acknowledged in a recent tweet that it’s anti-cheat wasn’t working well for some time and that it has been fixed for now. What appears to be the problem right now is the large number of cheaters and the ease of finding cheating software on the internet. Wall-hack appears to be the most common and sought after cheat. This shows players the exact position of enemies through walls, which can be used to pre-fire in corners or wall bang and kill opponents within a few milliseconds not even giving them time to react. Then there’s aim-bot which is another popular cheat. It places the cross-hair directly at the enemy’s head leading to instant head-shots as soon as the opponent enters the field of view.

A quick search on social media can get you some decent wall-hack programs which may or may not by-pass VAC. These are mostly free but don’t guarantee your safety against being banned in match-making, where it often comes down to luck. There are some hacks which can be bought for around $300 for guaranteed good cheats with the creators promising safety against the VAC system.

Then there are some really good hackers who charge upto $1500 for monthly subscriptions. These are designed in a very complicated manner which makes it next to impossible for VAC or Overwatch to detect, provided the player uses it in a cunning manner while playing the game. So as to avoid being reported by fellow players. These are also the ones that are used by some top level non-professional players, with many independent estimates suggesting that at least 20% of Global Elites might be cheating. These high-level cheats are difficult to get access to and mostly spreads from player to player and in closed groups.

At this point, the current anti-cheat systems are definitely not working. Valve needs to take some big steps like revamping the entire anti-cheat system and being more intrusive into the user’s PC. A complete rework of VAC is the need of the hour.

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