Valorant- New robot agent teased!

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Yesterday’s Summer Game Fest live event saw Valorant fans getting their first look into a new potential agent. A small 3 second teaser shown during the kick-off has left players guessing about the new agent’s nature and abilities.

The three-second clip showed an unfinished robot in the background while a robot head activated on a nearby table. The clip however, doesn’t provide any information on the agent’s abilities.

Going by recent leaks and tweets on the official Valorant account, some groups of players have already started speculating about the new features. The new agent will likely have usable daggers or knives which can deactivate other agent’s abilities. It’s unclear though, if they can defuse all abilities or just the physical ones like KillJoy’s Alarmbot.

The live event confirmed that fans will get more information later this month. We can expect the agent to make an appearance on episode three, which is less than 2 weeks away from now.

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