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We just got updates from Hiroshi Nagahama, director of the Uzumaki Anime himself regarding Uzumaki anime we are all dying for. And the news being that there will be a slight delay of an entire year until we see the anime. Even though they were going to release the anime this year, because of the virus and many other reasons, they could not complete the anime in time. And according to the director, speeding the process at the cost of quality is simply not an option.

Visuals from Junji Ito’s manga (c)

Uzumaki is probably one of the most talked about horror manga. And although it has a bad rep regarding the various adaptations whether it was the live action which Quibi closed its doors on. Or the anime series which failed to translate the art style into an anime style. This time, the anime will be under the famous Production IG who has many impressive titles on its belt like Psycho Pass, Guilty Crown, Ghost In The Shell and many more prominent names. These along with the collaboration of Adult Swim who made the famous Rick and Morty series and other titles.

Visuals from Junji Ito’s manga (c)

The trailer that was released gave hope to the fans that under the names of these two giants, this might be a good adaptation if not the best. But at the end of the day, we can only wait with bated breath for another year before we can see how well made it is. The Director assured the team is very proud of their work and that it is coming together beautifully, with such expectations coming from such a renowned company, our hopes are at the highest than it ever have been.

Featured image: Visuals from Junji Ito’s manga (c)

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