Two Valorant players banned for Match-fixing and Gambling

Resurgnce Valo cheating

Two professional Valorant players have been banned for upto 36 months from VCT competitions. This comes after a Riot investigation found that they had bet against their own team and tried to encourage the remaining team-mates to intentionally lose the game.

The 2 players at the center of this match-fixing scandal are- Malcolm ‘Germsg’ Chung and Ryan ‘Dreamycsgo’ Tan, both of whom were playing for Resurgence at the time. Reportedly, ‘germsg’ was the one who initiated and co-ordinated the scheme to bet against his own team while the latter provided the capital. The incident took place on September 2020, at an EPULZE Royal Sea Cup match between Resurgence and BlackBird Ignis.

The Riot investigation found that ‘germsg’ informed the roster about his bet and the roster didn’t want to intentionally throw the match. But still, they “purposefully concealed the issue from their management and Valorant esports officials because they were concerned about penalties and risking their contracts with Resurgence.” After their 0-2 loss to BlackBird Ignis, ‘germsg’ also attempted to pay off the remaining individuals in the roster, getting rejected once again. The entire roster disbanded the following month.

Riot found the players guilty of violating rules 7.2.1 and 7.2.4 of the Valorant global competition policy.

Concluding the investigation, Riot handed out 3 year bans to the main duo of ‘germsg’ and ‘Dreamycsgo’. Meanwhile, the 3 remaining players were given a smaller ban period based on their level of culpability and their co-operation with the official investigation.

The punishments for the Resurgence roster:

  • Malcolm ‘Germsg‘ Chung- 3 years
  • Ryan ‘Dreamycsgo‘ Tan- 3 years
  • Justin ‘Boplek‘ Wong Chong Cheng- 1 year
  • Sengdala ‘Jabtheboy‘ Jamnalong- 1 year
  • Du Min ‘Mortdecai‘ Yeo- 6 months
  • Benedict ‘Benaf‘ Tan- 6 months

Releasing an official statement, Riot said: “Maintaining the competitive integrity of our tournaments is our top priority and we take such matters extremely seriously.” Also stating that “All players are expected to abide by the rules of fair play, agreed upon prior to participation in the tournaments. Violations of the rules of fair play will not be tolerated by Valorant Esports.”

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Featured Image: Facebook-Resurgence

Source: Dotesports, Dexerto

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