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Chibi Anime Characters being made fun of… now who doesn’t enjoy seeing and laughing at that? In Anime we have seen many short/chibi characters and that they are always being taunt about their height. Even so, they are also one of the unique ones when it comes to strength and power.

Don’t be afraid to check my other lists, like the Strongest Black Clover Captains or the Best Chibi Characters and the Best Anime Girls. But in order for us to understand what is anime and how it came to be, we have to understand its history. Which you can read a brief write-up of both so you don’t look stupid the next time you argue with someone. Read my History Of Anime and History of Manga. And do check out my latest article on Bungou Stray Dogs Characters and Their Abilities. I put a lot of time into that and I’m super proud of how it came out.

Although one cannot really compare between the different characters below. We’re not Death Battle sadly, but love those guys, though. So with that in mind, here are the rankings of height from small to smallest.

10. Izuku Midoriya: My Hero Academia.

Height: 166 cm.

Midoriya in our list of top Chibi Anime Characters
Scene from the anime (c) Kōhei Horikoshi/BNHA Production Committee

Izuku aka Deku as his hero name, is one of the aspiring hero from U.A. High school. He is quite strong for his age. Although not many would include him in an anime Chibi Characters list, but because of his current height and all, we felt he’d be a delightful addition to our list.

After proving himself, he inherited his power from the former No. 1 Hero All Might, who is also his Role Model Hero and mentor. Though Deku took his time in training to control his new power, he works hard and train harder than any other U.A students.

Understanding his own weakness pushes him further to endure all his hard training. He is a very passionate young boy but can make quick rational decisions even in the face of danger. Over the years, in high school, he learned many techniques that helped him to become a better hero. When his power slowly awaken, he learnt how to use most of the quirks that his predecessors wield and passed down. He was able to take down villains on his own, like Muscular, Gentle Criminal, Lady Nagant (Tartaros Escapees Arc). Although, some battles were assisted by his friends like when they fought against The Hero Killer Stain, Overhaul (Eri’s Support), Nine (Movie: Heroes Rising), Dictator (Tartaros Escapees Arc).

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09. Vegeta: Dragon Ball.

Height: 164 cm.

Vegeta in our list of top Chibi Anime Characters
Scene from the anime (c) Akira Toriyama/Dragon Balls Production Committee

Vegeta the Prince of the fallen Saiyan race. An introduction was needed but must still be given to honour the prince. He was once Earth’s enemy when he first met Goku and his crew in Dragon Ball Z. He was known to be very ruthless, a cold-blooded killer and a man full of pride. Later in the series, Vegeta choose to settle on Earth and eventually developed a relationship with Bulma. They even start a family of their own and had 2 kids, Trunks and Bulla.

He also fought alongside Goku and his friends to protect Earth, his new home. His goal is to one day surpass Goku in strength and skills. Vegeta is considered one of the strongest Z Fighters in existence. His signature attack Galick Gun is just as strong as Goku’s signature combined move of Kaio-ken Kamehamaha. As a Saiyan, he possessed a great amount of strength and speed. He can also enhance his senses and increase his combat abilities and instincts. 

08. Chuuya Nakahara: Bungo Stray Dogs.

Height: 160cm.

Chuuya Nakahara in our list of top Chibi Anime Characters
Scene from the anime (c) Kafka Asagiri/BSD Production Committee

An Executive of the Port Mafia, Dazai’s former partner in twin Dark. Although Chuuya Nakahara is very temperamental, he is also very easy to reason wit. He wields the ability Upon the Tainted Sorrow in which he can manipulate Gravity of whatever he gets in contact with. Nakahara can also manipulate physical matters where even the ground where he stands can become his weapon against his enemies. He can even control people’s gravity, making them light or heavy in order to immobilize their movements. Chuuya can manipulate his own gravity according to his battle situations. 

Though he is ruthless, Chuuya knows not to take anyone for granted and treats any enemy accordingly. He can even refrain himself from going overboard to those weaker than him. His martial arts skills is also above and beyond most other characters in the show. And his ability true form, ‘Corruption’ is what made Chuuya more dangerous as his gravity control can easily crushed anything in his way. In this state, he can also shoot form of black hole that can consume anything and everything it touches. Chuuya rarely uses this ability since upon activation, he has no control of deactivating it without Dazai’s help and his ability to cancel it.

07. Levi Ackerman: Attack on Titan.

Height: 160 cm.

Chibi Anime Characters List: Levi Ackerman
Scene from the anime (c) Hajime Isayama/AOT/SNK Production Committee

Levi also referred as Captain Levi who is the Squad captain of the Special Operation Squad of the Survey Corps… that was quite the mouthful. He is the strongest character in the whole series and is known as ‘Humanity’s Strongest Soldier’. He might possibly be the most skilled character in our Chibi Anime Characters list.

In the show, we have the Vertical Maneuvering Equipments used by many soldiers. This is a harness that basically allows people to fight in a 3D space instead of a 2D which is the usual way of fighting for humans. Levi is one of the most proficient users at using said equipment. Everyone acknowledges his skills at using this equipment to its greatest potential possible. Even after losing some of his fingers, he can still use it better than anyone in the whole series. Levi’s combat skills are out of league comparing with his teammates. He usually fights solo and lacks team work skills and coordination. His small stature does not stop him from fighting bigger threats or titans.

It is often said that Levi is as valuable and stronger, if not more, than an entire brigade. Especially in the field against these things called Titans.  

06. Asta: Black Clover.

Height: 155 cm.

Chibi Anime Characters List: Asta form Black Clover
Scene from the anime (c) Yūki Tabata/Black Clover Production Committee.

A small orphanage church in Hage Village raised Asta. Although he lacks innate magic ability, he still manages to receive a Grimoire. At the age of 15, like other kids, Asta got his 5-leave-clover Grimoire and could set on his journey to becoming a Magic Knight. He later joined the Black Bulls lead by Captain Yami who is one of the most powerful magicians in the anime.

Even though Asta does not possess a drop of magic ability, Yami still took him under his wing. Asta is one of the shortest compared to his teammates, but he has an incredible amount of physical strength. Asta uses anti-magic energy that enables him to nullify enemies’ magic attacks. He is also a very skilled swordsman and, with more training, he can even be better than Yami himself.

He was able to hold up against Lich and Dante when he fought alongside with Yami. Despite having no magic ability, he can read enemies’ movement by channelling and controlling ‘Ki’ which Captain Yami taught him. Asta can control his anti-magic magnificently, which earned him the spot of the Arcane-Stage Mage. He also possessed a Devil called Liebe, who is the main source of his Anti-Magic.

If you want to know the strongest Captains from Black Clover, head over to our top ten list of Strongest Captains in Black Clover.

05. Meliodas: The Seven Deadly Sins.

Height: 152 cm.

Chibi Anime Characters list: Meliodas of The Seven Deadly Sins
Scene from the anime (c) Nakaba Suzuki/TSDS production Committee
Chibi Anime Characters List

Meliodas, Dragon Sin of Wrath and also the Captain of The Seven Deadly Sins. He is the eldest son of the Demon King and likely to inherit that name until he met Elizabeth. Meliodas may have a small stature but he is very strong comparing his size and abilities.

Since Meliodas is not a human, he is still very fast and strong than all humans in the anime. Lostvayne, his Sacred Treasure, enhances his powers to an even greater amount. Bringing his demon strength forth only further increases his strength and capabilities. He also has the ability to clone himself, although the clones only possess around 50% of his original strength. With his strength, he can easily break steel with just his bare hands or even sliced a mountain with just a twig. He can create massive shock waves just by swinging the hilt of a sword.

His other abilities include incredible speed and durability, which allows him to face foes who are way bigger than him and defeat them with ease. In general, he is so powerful that when he lost control of his emotions, he can easily eradicate an entire city as he did so to the Kingdom of Danafor.

04. Mavis Vermillion: Fairy Tail.

Height: 144 cm.

Chibi Anime Characters list: Mavis Vermillion from Fairy tail
Scene from the anime (c) Hiro Mashima/Fairy Tail Production Committee.

Mavis is one of the founder of Fairy Tail Guild. Her body was sealed in a Lacrima which was later called Fairy Heart. However, she was able to contact her guild mates through thought projection, but only with those who have the Fairy Tail Stigma. Mavis appearance is of a child but she possessed the Three Great Magic of Fairy Tail; Fairy Glitter, Fairy Sphere and Fairy Law. She can even perform Black Art Magic which was taught by Zeref. She is very smart and can come up with strategies in any situation and was also known as the Great fairy Tactician.   

03. Charmy Pappitson: Black Clover.

Height: 142 cm.

Charmy Pappitson from Black Clover.
Scene from the anime (c) Yūki Tabata/Black Clover Production Committee.

Charmy is a member of the Black Bulls Magic Knights, she is a hybrid (Human and Dwarf). She possessed two magic attributes: Cotton magic and Food Magic. Charmy is considered as one of the strongest members of the Black Bulls group. Her power is equivalent to that of some of the captains, she possesses strong mana that can alter according to her mood.

If there is one thing that Charmy loves, it would be eating. In fact, food is her top priority and if someone messes with her food, she can even go berserk and transform her sheep in to a wolf. Even she herself also transforms into a young lady who is a bit taller than she usually appears. When she uses Food Magic, she can consume other types of magic by other magicians. She became more powerful after she received her training in the Heart Kingdom and in the Elf Village. 

02. Hitsugaya Toshiro: Bleach

Height: 133 cm.

Hitsugaya Toushiro from Bleach
Scene from the anime (c) Tite Kubo/Bleach Production Committee
Chibi Anime Characters

Toshiro is the Captain of the 10th Division in Gotei 13. The prodigy who became a captain at such a young age. He is incredibly smart and a master strategist/tactician in battles he fights unlike the likes of Kenpachi. His skills as a first class swordsman is a well-known fact to all. His ability to effectively utilise his strength and speed to better his chances of winning also contributes a lot to his overall strength.

He hardly relies on his Shikai or Bankai in any battle, as he feels it’s not worthwhile doing so. He would only use them when the situation is getting out of hand and can cause more trouble than having to use his skills. Toshiro is a genius and expert at whatever he does where even Shunsui, the strongest in Soul Society, acknowledges him and even said that Toshiro is capable of surpassing him if given enough time and training.

01. Makarov Dreyar: Fairy Tail.

Height: 112 cm.

Makarov Dreyar from Fairy Tail
Scene from the anime (c) Hiro Mashima/Fairy Tail Production Committee.
Short Anime Characters list

Makarov was the 3rd and currently the 8th Guild Master of Fairy Tail Guild. He is also one of the Ten Wizard Saints who are known throughout the lands as being incredibly powerful. Makarov possesses many kinds of magic attributes such as Giant, which is his distinctive move where he can change the size of his body at his will. He can also use Light, Wind, Requip/Spatial Magic, Ice and Telepathy Magic. He can even perform Fairy Law which is one of the most powerful and legendary spell in the whole anime.  

So those are our picks for the best Short Anime Characters. Which character do you think should also be on the list? Edward Elric maybe? Or maybe even Krillin? You can angry type your character below and maybe, we might update the list if given a good enough reason to.

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