Tokyo Revengers Anime 2021: Good or Hyped?

Tokyo Revengers Anime(2021) is about a 26-year-old, Takemichi Hanagaki, who one day sees his middle school ex-girlfriend, Hinata Tachibana, on the news. He then remembers how she was the only girlfriend he had ever had. She had just been involved in a car accident that seems to be connected to the Tokyo Manji Gang.

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Tokyo Revengers Anime
Tokyo Revengers (c) Ken Wakui/TK Production Committee

Intro to Tokyo Revengers

Once a delinquent himself, the Takamechi we see now is simply a loser trying to make ends meet as he grows up into an adult ( sounds too familiar as we also face similar situations as we grow from the freedom of adolescence to the chains of adulthood).

On his way to work, Takemichi is then pushed onto the train tracks by an unknown individual.

However, instead of instant death, he was transported back in time 12 years from the exact date. There we see the anime take off when Takemichi uses his ability to go back and forth between the past and future. He does this to try and save his ex-girlfriend and his friends from their fates.

One of the strong points of the Tokyo Revengers Anime(2021) is the Characters. Each character has their own drives and personality, which makes them interesting. When watching the anime, it kinda brings emotions to the surface. Like a little kid that is rooting for the good guy, even if they are bad in a way. The characters are drawn unique from one another and their Art is in sync with their personalities. As the Tokyo Revengers Anime progresses, there are many different twists and turns with the character development. This felt real, as no individual remains the same throughout. However, it’s their determination and kick-ass personalities that attracted me as a viewer and as a known anti-social individual to the anime.

Tokyo Revengers Anime
Tokyo Revengers (c) Ken Wakui/TK Production Committee

Tokyo Revengers Manga and Anime Style

The Art styling in the Tokyo Revengers Anime(2021) is just okay, as there is not much to critique on. There are a few flaws, but they can be easily overlooked in the overall picture as the animation is smooth and free-flowing. I do wish it had more of a darker Anime Art type, as that would have suited the concept of gang wars better. As a Gang-related time travelling anime, there weren’t enough fight scenes that were appealing enough for us the viewers. Granted, the majority of the fights were on a large scale and animating them must have been a hassle for the animators. But it would have been great if a few lengthy D-Z styles of fighting were incorporated into the anime. Although, the scenes were good enough for what they are. And the plot twists that came along with them will leave you wanting for more.

What I really like about the show is how the protagonist sets out to perform one task, but along the way, as he built relationships, his goals almost changed and evolved. That to me makes perfect sense as in real life nothing really pans out the way we expect them to. Our Goals, Aims, Aspirations changes and evolves as we journey in life because that is just human.

Tokyo Revengers Anime
Tokyo Revengers (c) Ken Wakui/TK Production Committee

As I watch the Tokyo Revengers anime(2021) I am soon drawn to it. I am also torn about how they are portraying a bunch of kids as badass adult size gangs. It would have been better if they were just grown-up gangs that were in conflict. The uniforms, the school and the pumped-up testosterone just did not do it for me and I found that quite off-putting. I do applaud the character development and characters like Mike and Drakken, Kisaki, Baji etc. As all of them are eye-catching and unique and interesting. But the schoolboys being tough Gangsters just does not do much for me.


Overall, the Tokyo Revengers Anime(2021) is a solid 7/10 for me. The idea and the story are incredibly gripping and the characters are simply created well. It is an anime with high suspense and unique drama that will keep you on the edge of your seats. But at the same time, this may not be the Anime for you as you may find it too hyped. The overall plot is also too messy with no depth in storytelling. Seeing the major flaws in the anime, I am still deeply engrossed in it and am waiting for more of the cliffhanger episodes. I guess, as viewers, we have different tastes and it will require watching it to really understand if one likes it or not.

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