This Art Club Has A Problem Anime : Review

This Art Club Has A Problem Anime

This Art Club Has A Problem Anime is a Twelve Episode television series. It is a Lighthearted comedy anime which hovers around being a rom-com. The 12 episodes in this anime in my opinion doesn’t really have an actual plot as found in other heavy rom-coms. It is just a bunch of art club members doing normal stuff but it does have some subtle and obvious comedy with a One-sided romance. There isn’t much drama happening but it does have the potential for a nice romance story that could take place.

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Introduction to This Art Club Has A Problem(Anime):

This Art Club Has A Problem Anime
Photo(c): Imigimuru/ASCII Media Works

This Art Club Has A Problem Anime follows Mizuki Usami the main character of the show who is a passionate member of her school’s art club and is the only one actually serious about Art. She has feelings for another club member Subaru but is in denial and covers it up with her tsundere acts.

Her love interest, Subaru Uchimaki is a kinda dense male protagonist who despite being an exceptional artist and could win awards if he tried. He is more interested in drawing 2D anime girls than in real girls with real curves. He even calls them his Wives which is a sort of weird fetish but oddly enough such personalities also exist in real life.

Then, another character of the anime who is hard to miss as he spent most of his time sleeping on a couch in the Art room is the President of the Club. He is a third-year student but when he is awake can be quite interesting. He doesn’t do much and sleeps.

Collette is another character who is very close with Mizuki. She is a first-year student who is drawn to being curious and filling her head with nonsensical things. She is a fun character that audiences can easily be drawn towards.

An interesting addition to the cast is Maria Imari, who is a transfer student at Subaru class and instantly hits off with Subaru, as she shares interests with Subaru in Manga and Anime. This adds to Mizuki’s jealousy.

This Art Club Has A Problem Anime Storyline and Progression:

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!
Photo(c): Imigimuru/ASCII Media Works

Apart from the above main characters, there are other characters who add to the fun of the anime. The supervisor of the Art club is an interesting character herself as she is goofy and full of fun. However, in the 12 episodes, there is not much happening that can showcase each of the characters fully.

The Anime does indeed have the potential for more comedy and Romance. It would be interesting to see how Mizuki handles Subaru’s interests in 2D and if she can persuade him otherwise. But, after watching an Anime that focuses on Art as the main plot in the like Blue Period, this was a downer for me. If the name, This art club has a Problem suggest anything is that there is no Art done at all. I would have loved to see another anime that focuses on Art. This Anime is more of a normal school comedy lingering on romance but with nothing really solid in the story to captivate the audience.

However, the Anime does hide a promising storyline behind the cute and comic relief style of animation which could be part of the progression of the Anime’s direction. The 12 episodes did enough to focus on the direction of each character and they are unique in their own right. They are able to do just enough to peak interest as to the direction of the storyline and the anticipation of what the direction of the plot would take us does seem interesting.


Overall, it is worth watching just for the entertainment factor and the character’s growth is something to look out for. I do however wish it will move more towards the rom-com type as there is indeed trouble if the anticipation is on the Art of the Art Club.

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