The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat Anime Review

The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated

The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat is a reincarnation type anime where an assassin who got betrayed and killed was taken to another world by a god/goddess.  This goddess needs his skill set to prevent the world’s destruction at the hands of a Hero going rouge.

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Introduction to The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World:

The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated
Photo(c): Rui Tsukiyo/Silver Link

The Old man Assassin/main character was given two choices. To be reborn as a child but lose all memories of his past life and try to live a new life or to be reborn with all memories and skills intact. Naturally, as most of us would choose and also for sake of anime, he accepted the request and is reborn as Lugh Tuatha De who is also the child of an assassin and will be taught as such by his new family. He is determined to live life his way and make choices his way and not just become a tool for someone else or for something. 

The anime’s main character is Lugh Tuata De who was re-born as the heir of the house of Tuatha De and was taught the skills of assassination and also to become a skilled medical doctor by his father who is also the same himself. He is to gain the strength and power required to kill the hero who will defeat the demon lord but who then gets drunk on power and ends up destroying the world himself.  

As it turns out though, Lugh is but one of the many candidates chosen by the goddess. In fact, she had chosen master’s in many fields and gave them also the same task. But, as it seems, Lugh is the only one who is to be the most successful candidate for the task. 

Anime Characters and Storyline

The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated
Photo(c): Rui Tsukiyo/Silver Link

Another important character in The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World is Dia Viekone. She is the magic teacher who taught Lugh how to gain the ability of magic. She is also just a young girl barely just a few years older than Lugh. Together with Lugh, they would be able to create magic together. She would eventually be Lugh’s Love interest. 

Then there is Lugh’s assassination assistant, Tarte, who is magically inclined and was saved by Lugh. She then pledges her obedience to Lugh and assists him as a personal maid and in Lugh Assassin missions. The relationship is quite weird between them which is normal I guess in Animes’. 

In the Anime, Lugh then adopts a Girl named Maha who is also magically inclined. Her background story is quite interesting though and quite heartbreaking as the story of how she and her friends were surviving. Her friends were subjected to the gruesome world of prostitution and trafficking.  Again another weird relationship here.  

The Anime’s core story is quite dark but because the art and animation and the overall storyline are quite fun, it made it seem light. However, when you see a child killing a person so easily with no emotions in the very first few episodes it then becomes quite dark but at the same time as a consumer of anime, that can be quite exhilarating and kinda built up to what the anime direction is heading. 

There is also a scene where Lugh saves Tarte, it turns quickly to becoming quite dark especially if one is paying attention. The control that Lugh had on Tarte is quite alarming. His usage of a very intense psychological brainwashing on a mentally weak, emotionally hurt and physically torn Tarte to make her his slave basically is really intense for me. It was done so perfectly.

It is the same technique that perhaps a narcissistic person would use on exercising control over another human. It’s quite common actually for dominance to be created in a relationship whereby the submissive is easily dominated and put in their place. Even the training sessions were quite disturbing where Lugh would examine tarte “growth” before judging the kind of training most suited. It is the same technique the father used but for a child albeit a reincarnated one to perform such an act is troubling, to say the least.  


If there are some positives it would be that the anime, does seem to try and give out a message of hope in the context of second chances, not a restart per-se as there is no guarantee even in real life that a second chance or a re-do will ever improve your chances to live a better life or become a better person. However, the idea of hope of change in the existing path is realistically achievable. An individual cannot undo their past nor ever have full choice of the future but we can somewhat influence the path to our future by the choices we make in the present. Not easy, never easy but possible. 

The Anime overall is entertaining, it has quite a solid storyline and quite interesting characters. It’s something you can enjoy watching and continue to watch as the anime unfolds but one also has to ignore the weird themes and relationships and dialogues in between which is quite weird but oddly quite common also in the anime culture. In my opinion, it’s quite a toxic way to portray relationships and interactions but it is also quite a grey area as they do not cross certain lines and perhaps there is an audience for it hence it is surviving. But if you are planning to watch this anime, then I can say apart from the weirdness, it is quite entertaining. 

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