The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest: Anime Review

The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest

The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest is an anime that centres itself around a reincarnated being who although was already strong in his time and wanted to become stronger. Here is my complete review of it.

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Introduction to The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest:

The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest
Photo(c): Shinkoshoto/SB Creative

In this series, the powers are skilled according to the crest people are born with. And so, a genius sorcerer named Gaius, born with three magical crests of creation, power and rapid firing, laments that he does not have the fourth most powerful of crests, Close combat. Hence he was reborn 5000 years later as Matthias Hidesheimer and gains the fourth crest as well. However this time, the fourth is regarded as the weakest crest.  He then decides to join the Second Royal Academy and as he travels he discovers that his magical knowledge has dramatically decreased and thus his adventure begins….. 

The interesting thing about this anime is the concept of incantation magic Vs wordless magic in which Matthias is a master. There is a sort of discrimination that happens against users of wordless magic. In the anime, this discrimination is presented as the influence of the demons on humanity to make them weak and consider incantation magic as the superior form of magic when in reality it’s the opposite. 

One thing that bothered me is the lack of the pleasure of watching the rise to fame of the “Hero” of the story.  This Rise to Power and strength of the Protagonist which is usually an exciting part of being attached to an anime story or its character development is gone as the acceptance of the strength and power of the kid magician is too hasty. In the first episode itself, the defeat of a monster and the use of a weak crest is taken too lightly and too normal in my opinion. I was expecting a little shock and awe and even resistance even. 

Overall review and Character analysis:

The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest
Photo(c): Shinkoshoto/SB Creative

For the most part of the series, The strongest sage with the weakest crest is not anything great but rather basic. While it does have a good story to work on, the lack of enthusiasm for direction and animation is a little off-putting. Even the main character of the Anime, the reincarnated or Reborn Matthias is just an overpowered god with no direction as to why he should be reborn 5000 years into the future? If the aim is to acquire the fourth crest and fight monsters then it’s not ambitious enough for the story to succeed.  

So far in the first season, he attends school, impresses people and is elected to teach but while they could have been done either, hilariously or amazingly with awesome powers and magic, the anime didn’t deliver. Although there have been constant battles against demons, the lack of struggle of the protagonist and the seemingly repetitive fight scenes etc. is bringing the anime down and if not for the fact that I wanted to write a review on this, I would have not completed it otherwise. 

The sad part is that the Anime did have a good concept, and there is potential to the story but its mixture of childish animation and characters is a little off-putting as if the entire thing is struggling with an identity crisis.  

As for his supporting characters, they are…..flat. While the direction seems to be that they are somehow improved and are hard-working to be the “friend” that Matthias needs, the direction and execution are not there. The only interesting character is an ancient dragon who changed her appearance to a human girl named Iris and who is aware of Matthias previous life as the sorcerer, Her blooper-prone character is the only comic humour that the anime has and it would be more interesting to see her tasting black ink more than the rest of the anime. 


Overall, The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest is a flop and there is no need to watch the anime. No matter how hard they tried to make the “hero” look cool or try to show something interesting, it did not succeed. I hope they follow the existing formulas of successful magic reincarnation magical anime that already exists if they decide to take the anime forward. 

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