The Genius Prince’s Guide: to Raising a Nation out of Debt Anime Review

The Genius Prince's Guide to Raising a Nation out of Debt

The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation out of Debt is an Anime about the kingdom Natra in which Prince Wein has to act as ruler as his father falls ill. Here is my review of this anime.

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Introduction to The Genius Prince’s Guide to Raising a Nation out of Debt:

Introduction to The Genius Prince Guide to Raising a Nation out of Debt:
Photo(c): Toru Toba/Yokohama Animation Laboratory

The Genius Prince’s Guide actually turned out to be different than what I envisioned it to be and it kind of surprised me. First of all, there is no reincarnation of any sort which I had initially thought would be present. I was under the impression that some smart-ass character was brought into a fantasy world as a reincarnated being who manages to help a struggling nation out of debt with his economics and earth’s agricultural practices. Now it is a fantasy world just not one with powers or magic, at least not so far.

But as I said it does involve a fantasy world and it revolves around the protagonist Prince Wein, a smart individual who however wants nothing to do with running a struggling nation but would rather sell it all to live a comfortable life – wouldn’t we all. But, with circumstance after circumstance, Prince Wein proves to be competent and witty for his own good and keeps on accidentally stumbling into success after success after success. Even when things don’t go right, it somehow always manages to end right thereby raising his name and status as a wise ruler. 

The story as I had mentioned earlier is about the kingdom Natra which Prince Wein has to act as ruler as his father falls ill. Although to be honest I don’t seem to remember what kind of sickness his father has maybe its old age, I didn’t pay attention. Natra is a small kingdom in the northern part of this fantasy continent in this fantasy world. Prince Wein has to manoeuvrer many diplomatic situations and war which he does so very well in as he is quite smart.  He does however have a close friend, a personal aide and perhaps a love interest named Nimym Ralei who also attended the same academy as him. She comes from an oppressed minority known as the Flahm. 

Anime Characters and Storyline:

Introduction to The Genius Prince Guide to Raising a Nation out of Debt:
Photo(c): Toru Toba/Yokohama Animation Laboratory

The central and main characters in this Anime are the Crowned Prince Wein Salema Arbalest and his Aide Ninym Ralei who are both smart and methodic in their approach to various situations -political or social. 

Prince Wein always portrays a calm and professional demeanour but would show his erroneous side to Ninym in private. Nimym is the friend that would always make sure that the prince performs his functions dutifully and not slag off in his need to just laze around. In the Anime, it is obvious that the Prince is also a brilliant strategist in the art of war and is brilliantly witty to ensure victory in any other circumstances also. 

Lowellmina Earthwold the princess of the Earth world empire is also another equally brilliant character who is as smart and as cunning as Prince wein. In fact, this is probably one of the things that I like about this anime, and that is that they did not dumb down other characters to make the protagonist of the story shine. She in fact was able to come toe to toe with the genius prince in tactics and strategy and as is said in the anime also that they are of the same cut. She is also a classmate of the prince and Ninym in the royal academy. 

There are many other important characters in the anime like the sister of the prince for example who helped him come up with a breakthrough in the Mealtars incident and he was able to overcome his conspirators with a brilliant plan. And apart from the sister, there are many more minor characters but the characters above are the few that appealed to me so far as the anime progresses. 

An interesting plot in the anime is the love that the prince has for Ninym, In fact, one can say that any insult to her would mean facing Prince Wein full-on Wrath. He did behead an Army general for that very reason. It would be not far from the truth if one is to assume that the prince’s wish for another life apart from running a country is so that he will be able to be with Ninym without the political complications. 


The anime overall is an interesting Military drama with a hint of Romance for now. It also addresses certain issues that are also associated with real life like Ninym’s position as someone who is from an oppressed community and is not widely accepted because of her appearance and heritage. It also showed a bit about women’s role and position in an unjust society and how the character had to deal with them but it did not dwell on them too much but understandably so. But the fact that such important issues are shown showed courage and perhaps as the Anime progresses they will be able to deal with them more and also perhaps change the mindset of the real world. 

It is an anime worth watching as a political and social drama series that it seems to be right now but it does need a few tweaks here and there to really captivate drama lovers in its intricate details. 

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