The Forever High Spirited Cosplayer: Hotaru Juno

Continuing with the exciting interview from last week. We now have Hotaru Juno on the hot seat here for an exclusive interview with NEOtakus. For an introvert like myself, her ability to capture the room’s attention regardless of how many people are present is a skill I’d love to learn. Maybe she’ll tell us her secrets and we’ll learn something new by the end of this interview.

Interviewer: So, let’s begin with the obvious. Welcome to our humble studio. Tell us a bit about yourself, for those who never came across your work.

Juno: Yaho! Juno, a half Arunachalee and half Naga human. I am a cosplayer, and small streamer. I just recently started streaming early this year, but I have been cosplaying since 2012. Also, a huge cat simp ever since I can remember. Lastly… manga, Idol and anime Otaku. I think that’s all? I am really not good at these introduction things.  

Interviewer: haha, that was pretty good. A brief description but has everything. Now, I remember we first met in 2015 in Alcheringa, Assam. Back then I cosplayed Vincent Law from Ergo Proxy… who did you cosplay again?

Juno: I cosplayed as Saruhiko from k project, an anime which I re-watched countless times.

Source: Masaya Kaneko

Interviewer: I specifically remember when we were talking. You said you are lucky to have a very supportive mother regarding you and your cosplays. I mean, she even came with you to the event. Do you think your parents being supportive really helped you achieve the many achievements?

Juno: yes, it did, a lot. Before I could even believe I can, my mom already tells me I can. It gives me hope and little encouragement to look forward to everything. But then, to be honest, it also gives me stress and anxiety to not disappoint the people supporting me. 

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Interviewer: Speaking of which, you said you’ve been cosplaying since 2012… how did you start cosplaying anyway?  

Juno: It’s because of Animax. I saw videos of Alodia cosplaying and at that time, I legit didn’t even know what it was. Using the slowest internet connection we had by then, I did like a lot of intense research about her and cosplay although I don’t remember the character now sadly.

Interviewer: I remember Alodia as well, my highschool crush <3. Moving along, how do you get your materials for your cosplays?

Juno: Most of my cosplays are recycled stuffs, I remember dying… I mean dyeing my hair a lot. And I didn’t even start proper cosplay makeup until 5 years after I started cosplaying. I cringe and feel really shy looking at my old cosplay pictures, but then also happy and proud. Might be funny, but at least it’s where I started and I’ve really improved since then.

Interviewer: Gotta live for that cringe… speaking of you though, I think for most of us; we know you as a performer during cosplaying events. How does it feel to be up on stage doing your thing? Like what do you think about when you’re up there?

Juno: I enjoy being up there and I actually miss it a lot. Ever since I could remember, I’ve always loved acting, and even wanted to be an actor. So, every time I am on the stage, I feel like it’s always that one time opportunity to be my favourite character. Whether in voice, behaviour, and overall. Being from where I live, we get little opportunity to showcase our love for acting and cosplay is only platform I have to excel as somewhat of an actor. 

Interviewer: If not mistaken, but you won some title of Miss Itanagar/Capital for 2018 right? How was the experience? 

Juno: It’s a bit embarrassing to talk about it, and also, actually both were different titles. Miss Itanagar was 2017 and Miss Capital was 2018.

Inteview: oh hell… haha, sorry… but please continue.


Juno: Well, I took part in at least 8 pageants, and they’re all such fun experiences. I made so many friends from so many backgrounds and all of them having different and unique experiences and talents. It was embarrassing as f* though thinking about it.

For most pageants, I simply used my cosplay costume because buying dresses and gowns is expensive. But the pageants taught me how to confidently speak and handle the stage, which I still use even today as a cosplay host. The mentors taught me how to, most importantly, present yourself to the people in public. Overall, it was a really good experience, but I can’t help but feel embarrassed as well at the entire experience.

Interviewer: Since you’ve been on stage and won a title as a model, what makes cosplaying different from modelling and so much more special to you?

Juno: Oh, cosplay is so much more, like, you can do what you like, be who you like. While on the other hand, at least in my personal opinion and experience, I tend to be someone else when I take part in pageants. It’s like acting because there are so many restrictions like how you should behave and all.

Also, I did have a bad experience where I was called out for being very boyish and having a child personality. Especially when in those times where I was just being myself. Therefore, I tend to “act” like a whole different person, simply because I have to. While in cosplay, I can just be me, even if I cosplay as a character… say Yuno. 

Interviewer: Once again, congrats on winning the other prestigious title of WCS representative 2021. We were the first one to release the news about the win, but we never got to congratulate you directly.

Juno: hoho, thank you very much!!!, we will do our very best to make you proud!

Interviewer: Haha, just enjoy yourself. We find it enjoyable when we see you enjoy yourself up there. So we saw you started doing livestreams daily, playing MLLB, Among us, and many other fun games. How is the experience of streaming?


Juno: First of all, the internet is shitty.

Interviewer: Speaking facts there… Amen!

Juno: haha, well I am planning to change my internet provider soon. Otherwise, it’s a funny experience. I was never much of a gamer because of, again, internet issues. So suddenly playing games literally every day is funny, yet amazing. Through streaming, I’m getting more opportunities to connect to people who have been supporting me for a very long time. Although I’m still learning about streaming and how to keep you guys entertained for 2 to 4 hours straight.

Definitely difficult doing that without zoning out to emptiness every 5 mins so please bear with me and welp me! Even though my current stream sometimes looks like a pixilated hentai video, I’m ever grateful to people who still comes and support me! I hope I can make it full-time, so that I won’t have to get out of my house. Just kidding.

Interviewer: Other than streaming and cosplaying, what else do you love doing? Something nobody really knows about? 

Juno: hoho, there are like a list of things I love doing which no one knows. I enjoy baking a lot, I even baked kitsune’s cursed Dio birthday cake. Not going to lie to anyone, I’m kind of proud of it. And I also do voice acting… practicing it while I cook. I pretty sure my neighbour thinks I’m possessed. I also love writing stories and hoping to write weird ass novel one day. Been drawing weird webtoon comics and lastly loving my cat, Takashi.

Interviewer: We might have a Story section here on our website soon. It will be an honour to have you as one of our esteemed authors. As you mentioned before that you love acting, would you still consider becoming an actress somewhere in the future? Or even now if the opportunity arises? 

Juno: hell yes! I really wanted to be an actor so much, I took part in an acting workshop before. But I highly doubt this will come true though sadly. I’ve never had high hopes especially living here and let’s be honest, there aren’t any opportunities locally. So now all acting I do is the weird things I do on my YouTube channel sometimes. 

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Interviewer: Like what we asked Kitsune, what is your advice to anyone who wants to get into cosplay right now?

Juno: you need to chill! Especially if you are new. Don’t be so serious, just chill, hydrate yourself and stop thinking “me so fat to cosplay that”,” me so thin to cosplay that”, “me not match with this character” or even “me no have perfect exact cosplay costume for it”. Again, just chill! I have seen many new cosplayers really emphasizing on these stuff and they forget to enjoy cosplaying. Every cosplay is a perfect cosplay, stop comparing yourself to others. Need to take my own advice too, thinking about it now. But bottom line is, it’s hard not to judge and compare yourself, but you can do it. You did well and worked hard on your cosplay, be proud of yourself. As a great man said “JUST DO IT!”

Interviewer: “Just do it” meme here?

Juno: Obviously…

Interviewer: Done… again. And we want to make a Spotify/YouTube Music playlist full of songs from the cosplayers and artists we interviewed. What would be the one song you’d recommend we add to our playlist? And why?

Juno: ayaa, it’s hard to choose, though I’m currently listening to Takayan. Like that song, it’s okay to envy by the artist. I love it because the first stanza itself says it all. You know that feeling when you get one YouTube recommendation and you are really grateful about it. That’s that.

ps: to anyone listening or reading this, please do check out the artist, I simp 

Interviewer: For the last question, if we were from a different timeline and you’re not a cosplayer… and you can be anything else? What occupation would you like to be in?

Juno: hmmm, that’s difficult to say… maybe a reporter or a journalist? I was really into it and I still am but now I only got 3 brain cell left in me.

Interviewer: We’ve reached the end… thank you so so sooooo very much for taking this interview with us, before we end this interview, if there is anything you want to say? Maybe you want to plug in a link to a project you’re doing? Or just tell people to support something you like, anything really… please tell us now.

Juno: thank you very much for having me in this interview! To anyone who is reading, please support NEOtakus, they are outstanding and a chad group. 

*Interviewer teared up a lil bit from being called a chad*

And if you like streams that have a noob gamer with some ara ara noises, vtuber, cosplay, and anime/manga shit, do follow me Hotaru Juno it would mean a lot! I am looking forward to have fun and enjoy time with you all! Thank you very much!


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