The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1: Anime Review

The devil is a part-timer Anime

The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1 is a fun anime about the devil himself being stuck on earth as a human. In another dimension, the Devil nearly conquered his world called ‘Ente Isla’ but right before killing his enemies, a Hero named Emilia forces him to escape through a gate. This gate then transports them to modern-day Japan. Here is my review on a funny take on the Overlord Satan on Earth – The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1 Anime.

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Introduction to The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1:

The Devil is a Part-Timer anime
Photo (c); Satoshi Wagahara / White Fox

Now stuck on earth with almost no powers, the devil and his right-hand demon Alciel are forced to work through their problems whilst figuring out how to return to Ente Isla. This forces Satan to take a part-time job at a fast-food joint called Mg Ronald’s. Alciel is then stuck at home and does normal daily house chores in their single room apartment.

The anime from then focuses on the devil’s mundane tasks and the funny and hilarious events that take place as he tries to survive in the current expensive economy.

The Hero, Emilia also followed them there and is faced with a similar fate as she works at a call centre. Together they are faced with funny situations together as others from their previous world also come and try to assassinate them.

One main concept that comes out of this show is whether or not Satan can be called good? Whilst he did murderous things in his previous world, here it seems he slowly seems to become the good guy. It’s interesting because as humans we are to be tagged for the past actions we have committed. But of course, in this case, it is Satan and he has committed murder. But is still interesting to find the question of ‘How can an environment one is brought up in effect a person’s action and personality.

It is quite interesting from a psychological point of view to see and perhaps relate to real-world situations where a person’s emotions, behaviour, and mental state can be heavily influenced by the environment they are in. It is a known fact that a person who would find a place where they felt they belonged can find even an ounce of happiness which can drastically change the way that individual behaves and act.

Critical Analysis:

The Devil is a Part-Timer anime
Photo (c); Satoshi Wagahara / White Fox

Even in this anime, whilst it’s for simple humour, it’s notable that even Satan in multiple instances gives up Power and Status to protect and continue to live the mundane life he finds peace in.

On a humour scale, this anime hits most of the right notes. Whether it’s the bickering couple of Satan and his right-hand demon Alciel or the detective acts of the Hero Emilia. Or maybe even the addition of the other characters of Lucifer and Chiho, the direction it’s heading makes it a good funny relaxing anime to watch and enjoy over the weekend. On the fight scenes, whilst there are few, still has the punch it is supposed to have if it’s viewed as an action-fantasy based anime but there is not enough if one is looking for an all-out action anime as this series is more of a comedy-fantasy than anything else. But overall the characters interact well with each other and the development of each character is good enough to make it interesting for the casual viewer.

As said, the characters interact well but they are not deep strong characters but the dialogue and action certainly make up for any shortcomings if any. The division between the humour in the anime versus the action and serious scenes are also done well and the fluidity is not broken by such contrasting genres. I also found how the characters seem to talk over one another funny and enjoyable as they are concerned with their own issues and agendas.

The fact that the anime can influence how I think, as the audience root for the devil is absolutely incredible. The devil becomes the hero and perhaps every one of us hopes that we can also overcome evil and truly feel belongingness.


Overall, The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 1 is a great weekend relief after a long week and it’s pretty short to binge-watch it in a day over some popcorn and “Örange Juice”. The twist between the serious parts and Humour parts is enjoyable enough to keep you entertained. Although this is not a solid 10/10 anime, it’s still decent enough to be called better than average. I personally think I still want to find out if the Devil will regain his absolute power or not and what are the powers the devil really has. Will he use them for good and stay on earth or will he go back to conquer his previous world? What will the hero Emilia do then? It’s all interesting to me.

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