Exclusive Interview with the cute but feisty Kitsune Blood

So for our very first ever interview, we got ourselves the cosplayer lovingly known as Kitsune Blood. She has her own business for designing and making costumes, dresses, hats, and anything she desires to make. We will give the links to all her stuff in the article below, so be sure to like, subscribe and order something from her. It’s worth it, believe me.

Interviewer: So anyway, back to the interview, so can you introduce yourself a bit? So anyone who lives under a rock and came out just for this interview will know.

Kitsune: Hello, I’m Kitsune Blood cosplays, you can call me Kitsune, Kitsu chan or even Kitkat. And I’ve been cosplaying for about 6 years now… or 7… I don’t remember. I get confused haha.

Kitsune Blood

Interviewer: Before we get to the meat of the interview, Congrats for winning the WCS 2021. How do you feel winning this preliminary competition and representing India in Japan?

Kitsune: Ain’t gonna lie, I was really shocked and happy finally! Also, after all those hours and hours of me watching videos about Japan, I can finally do it myself! Time to Henshin weeb mode on. And I’m also super excited to be able to represent my country on an international platform. I’ll do my best to make everyone proud!


Interviewer: You said you only started cosplayer like 6-7 years ago? But I mean, we can see your skills were already topnotch even on your earlier cosplays.

Kitsune: Well before I started cosplaying, I already used to make costumes or do sewing work. Been doing it ever since I was a kid. I remember I love sewing small clothes for dolls and even for myself. My mother is a professional seamstress and had all sorts of machines and that inspired me to learn the craft.

Interviewer: So your mother and her machines were your inspiration for making these costumes for your cosplays?

Kitsune: That might have been my inspiration for creating things, but like I said, I was always into creating crafts and all sorts of weird things. But I think all this has helped me get into cosplay faster and not struggle as much. 

So, we know you’re mostly into cosplays that involve fabrics, right?

Kitsune: I mostly do fabric work, yes, But I also love doing embroidery as well… even if it may be really frustrating and takes a long long loooong time to complete. And I’m not that bad with foam work as well… I just do it occasionally.

Interviewer: For us who aren’t exactly experts with these things, can you explain what are the different types of costumes? Like in layman’s terms… nothing too detailed.

Kitsune: errmm, I guess cosplay costumes can be divided into – foam smith (armour making or mostly cosplays that has lots of foam involved lol) fabric work (mostly embroidery, lots of fabric, hand sewing or machine) or cosplay that has both foam and fabric involved.

Kitsune Blood

Interviewer: Well, you’ve done a lot over the past few years as a cosplayer. Can you give us a quick run through of what you’ve achieved recently?

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Kitsune: Hmmmm, well I have been invited to judge a few cosplay competitions including your Shangri-La Cosfest. Also invited as a mascot for events in some parts of India. When it comes to winning, I’ve also won a few competitions, including the Hyderabad Comic Con and now WCS 2021 Indian Representative. But I actually don’t think competing is my greatest reason for cosplaying. I just want to enjoy cosplaying as a hobby and a job and the achievements are just big bonuses that come along the way. 

Interviewer: So what do you look for in cosplay, other than the competitions and all?

Kitsune: Being able to complete my projects brings me a sense of satisfaction and displaying my talents. And finally sharing it with fellow cosplay enthusiasts makes me happy.

Kitsune Blood

Interviewer: By the way, other than cosplays and sewing, what other things do you like to do? Since I’m sure most of our readers would love to know that.

Kitsune: Other than cosplay and sewing I love watching anime, any show/series from different countries, playing games in my Nintendo switch, reading a book or two, oh and I recently started to game in my laptop again, please gift me steam games if you want to heueheuehue

Interviewer: Well, I’ll have to do a rain check on my steam account balance before I can promise anything, ahaha. Maybe the reader will be much more willing to do so.

Anyway, if there is something you want to tell your younger self from 6 years ago when you first started cosplaying, what would it be?

Kitsune: bruh you gotta chillax and don’t stress too much… though I still say this to my present self too, even now lol.

Interviewer: What is your advice to anyone who wants to get into cosplay right now? Especially the younger folks out there.

Kitsune: Just do it *Insert JUST DO IT meme here*

Interviewer: Consider it done!

Kitsune: Awesome! Anyway, don’t listen to people who just keep yapping. If you won’t do it, people will say something, and even if you do it, people will still say something! So, in the end, you are the one living your life! Just do what you want!… As long as it makes you happy! And if it isn’t hurting anyone, then why should you worry! Cosplay is for everyone irrespective of gender and age! I’ll be rocking my kawaii outfit in my grave too.

Kitsune Blood

Interviewer: Haha, suddenly it went dark there… but kawaii dark… which is always good. Anyway, we want to make a Spotify/YouTube Music playlist full of songs from the cosplayers and artists we interview. What would be the one song you’d recommend we add to our playlist? And why?

Kitsune: I don’t really have a specific favourite song but all the Jojos Bizzare adventure OSTs… you can thank me later *wink wink*

Visuals from Jojo Bizarre Adventures (c) Hirohiko Araki/ Jojo Bizarre Adventures Production Committee

Interviewer: Can you tell us or give us a small peek into your next cosplay or project? A tiny detail maybe?

Kitsune: Gatcha, wail your heart out, spending more money we don’t have eh?


Interviewer: Basically just gaming for now haha…For the last question, if we were from a different timeline, a different world where we both exist, but you’re not a cosplayer and maybe I’m the kawaii cosplayer… In that world, what would you be?

Kitsune: Probably a surgeon. Gotta fake it till you make it.

Kitsune Blood

Interviewer: So, who do we interview next? You name it; and we get them on this chair to face the music.

Kitsune: Hmmmmmm, if I had to choose, Interview Hotaru Juno

Interviewer: So, Juno it is, let’s see what’s her answer.

Anyway, thank you so so sooooo very much for taking this interview with us, before we end this interview, if there is anything you want to say? Maybe you want to plug in a link to a project you’re doing? Or just tell people to support something you like, anything really… please tell us now.

Kitsune: To everyone one reading this, I hope you are doing fine and even if you aren’t, don’t worry it’s always dark before dawn. Take care of your mental health! Stay hydrated! wash your hands frequently (I’m sure you heard the message whenever you call someone) and also follow me on my socials to keep up with what I am doing. Oh, and also follow neotakus they are a bunch of good hardworking locals who are just out here to support the local anime and cosplay scene! 

Interviewer: And that’s all we have for you guys today, you can follow her in the links below… go do it!

If you want to recommend anyone to get interviewed, please write it down below… We will try our best. Unless it’s Jessica Nigiri or Kinpatsu… it’ll be a tiny bit difficult for that.

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