Teasing Master Takagi-San Anime Review

Teasing Master Takagi San

In 2018 – 19, I watched this anime called Teasing Master Takagi-San. It was a cute little anime series about a boy name Nishikata who was constantly teased and defeated in various made-up competitions by his classmate Takagi-San. Nishikata would try various ways and thought of various techniques to try. But he failed miserably to defeat Takagi-san and embarrass her. Here is my review of this cute little innocent love Story – Teasing Master Takagi-San.

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Introduction to Teasing Master Takagi-San:

Teasing Master Takagi-San
Photo (c): Sōichirō Yamamoto / Shin-Ei Animation

To be honest I expected a more Mature Love Story and Adult themed storyline from the name. I was taken by surprise as the series was totally opposite to what I expected it to be. It was also an anime that did not instil in me a sense of excitement as to what will happen in future episodes but here I am watching it 3 seasons later and it is kinda surprising that although I do not find the same excitement as watching One-piece or am I interested with the outcomes that may be like that of Sword Art Online. Nonetheless, I am still hooked on it because of how simple and real the anime art and story are.

It is a well-established fact that in the adolescent period, Girls tend to develop and mature quicker than boys. Especially in terms of the physical and psychological aspects of growth and even this Anime, it depicts that correctly as Takagi’s advanced teasing and winning methods is far ahead of that of Nishikatas. The anime did not try to hide the fact that Takagi’s feelings for Nishikata are far beyond the simple friendship of classmates or friendly rivals.

Takagi seems to know exactly what she is doing and knows exactly what buttons to push. The whole act of teasing and playing games is exactly the kind of behaviour one will expect from middle schoolers trying to express their feelings and emotions to one of the opposite sex. All that competition made Nishikata have her constantly in her thoughts. In school and beyond and even the punishments are designed to make him spend more time with her which is eventually aimed at making him more attracted to her. It’s brilliant planning by Takagi if you ask me.

While an anime like A silent Voice is perhaps maybe a love story for a more mature audience with more complex issues in it. This one is a childish rendition of an exceptionally romantic play. It had more truth in how one would react and behave rather than instilling fantasy concepts of love and romance.


Teasing Master Takagi-San
Photo (c): Sōichirō Yamamoto / Shin-Ei Animation

The show definitely grew on me and I really admire the kind of brilliance and creativity this kind of writing shows. The Characters are very well thought of with Takagi’s cute round face with big bright eyes and a kind of naughty but innocent expressions and a confident but wise outlook makes you simply fall in love with this character. Although she seems to not have any flaws and is meticulous with her actions. It is because, in my opinion, that Nishikata is her weakness which is seen from time to time when Nishikata does something or says something that surprises her.

Nishikata however is your basic middle school boy, nothing special about him and he is as oblivious to his feelings as a normal kid in school would be and the fact that he takes the competitiveness more serious than having the cute Takagi as a “friend” is what makes it more interesting and real to me.

Apart from the Two main Characters in the Anime, there are also other interesting and funny characters found in the friendship trio of Mina Hibino, Yukari Amakawa and Sanae Tsukimoto who are also classmates of Nishikata and Takagi’s. These three characters add a lot to the humour factor in the Anime and could actually have just a spin-off anime of their own because they are well-written characters in their own right.

Teasing Master Takagi-San does an amazing job and honestly refreshing rendition of Kids behaving like actual kids in real-life scenarios. There are no Unrealistic situations, no Perverted twists in characters’ physical or sexual attributes. No fantasy-based storytelling but just a cute love interest story of two kids exploring life as is.

For example another cute romcom Hi-score Girl which I had reviewed earlier, while it kept its cute factor it still has imaginative storytelling that cannot possibly be considered a real-life situation but in this anime. It felt more grounded and the teasing part itself is engaging, smart and innocently repetitive but never mean spirited as one would expect it to be.  The focus on the characters’ engagement is one of the brilliant things of this anime.

Overall, Teasing Master Takagi -San is a beautiful love story filled with real interactions and is a believable story as it portrays how adolescents fight between their feelings, exploration of new thinking and relationships versus them just being kids. The Art and Animation are just as wonderful as the story and there isn’t much to nitpick on. I do recommend watching it as a charming and innocent romcom that is well directed.

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