CIS teams sign open letter asking Valve to investigate Akuma cheating allegations

CIS tournament

The Epic league CIS 2021, which gave regional CS-GO teams a chance to qualify for the Stockholm Major, is facing criticism over cheating allegations. Spectators, community members and experts are all discussing the possibility that team Akuma might have been cheating throughout the competition.

Multiple videos have surfaced online showing suspicious moments and a few professionals too are supporting further investigation. Following these, 15 teams from the competition have signed an open-letter to Valve asking them to investigate the matter thoroughly by employing a competent authority like ESIC.

The teams that have signed are: 100PG, 1WIN, bankaPepsi, Entropiq, forZe, Gambit, Grond, IN.GAME, K23, Na’Vi, Nemiga, Team Spirit, Team Unique, Trident, With ex-Marlian and Akuma being the only teams in the competition who haven’t signed.

A video showing suspicious moments

The RESF internal investigations on Akuma

Notably, the competition took place without an anti-cheat system and the organizers did not even record any team’s communications. This makes it harder to determine if the allegations are indeed true. The Russian E-Sports Federation(RESF) conducted an internal investigation and released a statement saying they found no signs of foul play.

The RESF investigation states: “During the internal and external investigations, a large amount of information was collected about the actions of Akuma. Along with the work of GOTV and the line administration of the tournament. The analysis of this information did not reveal any evidence of compromising the administration of the tournament and the work of GOTV. A review of Akuma players, their hardware and software revealed no signs of foul play.”

The competing teams however are clearly not satisfied with the findings of RESF. In their letter to Valve, the teams allege that Akuma cheated by using “live data from third parties on external devices in order to gain the unfair advantage of seeing opponents’ positions on the map at all times.

Valve has not yet officially responded to the letter. Whether further investigations into the matter will be conducted or not remains to be seen.

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Sources:, HLTV.

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