Shillong: What to expect from this happy place?


I wander not because I am lost but to seek comfort in the wild as we all get lost sometimes and that’s totally fine. Like food is to stomach, traveling is to soul. It drives you to connect more with people, places and stories it has to unravel. Shillong is one such beautiful place that complements the thoughts of an explorer. The capital of Meghalaya “the abode of clouds” as it receives the highest of rainfall in the world. So, let me enlighten you a bit more about this city, but before we proceed further, want to know how can we further clean this Beautiful town? maybe check out the future of Electric Cars in Shillong. You can also check our article based on the Japanese animated movie Only Yesterday review – A Nostalgic Trip by Tolivi Tsuqu.

And here goes my quick guide to Shillong:-

Monolith/ Mawbynna:

Shillong Monoliths

The beauty of Shillong lies in its landscapes and pleasant weather. Hence, people travel far and wide to venture into this scenic beauty of Northeast India. And as you explore more, you will find these sacred stones, the monoliths or the “mawbynna”. In the olden days, it served as a map to territories conquered or paths to follow when the warriors were not able to trace their way back home and it still feeds the mind of curious travelers who venture to places unknown.

Lifestyle and tradition in Shillong:

Shillong Traditional dresses
Traditional Dresses
Shillong Dresses
Traditional Dresses
Shillong Garo
Garo Attire

The lifestyle and culture of Shillong are unique and the three tribals dominant in this region include the Khasis, the Jaintias and the Garos of Northeast India. They follow the matrilineal society, or matriliny, group adhering to a kinship system in which ancestral descent is traced through maternal instead of paternal. Also, Shillong has been home to diverse cultures and people have been co-existing through the sands of time.

Music in Shillong:

Pop culture and Shillongites walk hand in hand. Music festivals are organized as a contribution to the field of art and culture. Lovers of music gather from various nooks and corners to celebrate this music fest. And that is why Shillong owns the title of being known as the “Rock Capital of India”.

Fashion and Shillongites:

I see hues of colors and fashion surrounding the city, be it in the form of nature or people and Shillongites own their way to fashion, be it a casual outfit, formal or traditional attire. I believe fashion is a way of expressing self and a good fashion sense adds up your personality.

Medicinal herbs, silkworm, and ornamental flowers in Shillong:

Shillong has some rare species of medicinal herbs, wild orchids, and silkworms for silk production which are exported to different States for commercial trade practices.


I remember when I was growing up, we had our School badge and it had a beautiful message scripted on it. It said – “student life is seed life”, it meant how you nurture your plant, it will extend their roots that way, or say proper guidance will lead you to be a better person for tomorrow. Knowledge is power and it will build you to be a better person for tomorrow, so quality education is what parents wish for when it comes to their children’s education. Shillong has some of the finest educational institutions that impart quality education. They also have good hostel facilities for children to stay by being close to nature.

Commercial hub:

A business venture be it big or small, Shillongites make a living out of it. Local spices, fruits, and vegetables are the things you can’t resist. People who are frequent visitors to Shillong don’t miss carrying their bags full of spices on their way back home.

Hand-made affair:


The traditional handcrafted goods and items are a rage in and across the city. The concept of buying the traditional handmade goods involves the creativity of the local men and women involved in the making of these traditional goods and the time involved in this process. They serve as a souvenir for travelers visiting Shillong and also a token of love for their loved ones.

In my words I would like to quote:-

a place quite distant

from the rest
houses with floating clouds
and a picturesque landscape
a beautiful valley,
carefree and wild
I may travel far and wide
but I will soon return
with light in my eyes
and hope in my heart
dear Shillong, you are my home
when I am weary

and seek comfort
at my worst.

Credits: Tripoto

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