School Babysitters Review: Leave you with a smile.

School Babysitters

A warm and light-hearted anime that will leave you smiling. School Babysitters or Gakuen Bebīshittāzu portrays the story of two brothers who share a strong bond. The show is based on the Japanese Manga written by Hira Tokeino. The series aired between January 7 and March 25 of 2018 by Brains Base studios. The animation consists of 12 episodes. This will be my School Babysitters Review and the first one of many more to come.

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School Babysitters Review (c) Hari Tokeino/BS Production committee

School Babysitters: The story of Ryūchi and Kotarō.

The main characters in the series are Ryūchi kashima and Kotarō. The series starts off by telling the audience how these two siblings lose their parents. Their parents met with a certain accident and lost their lives. During the funeral, the chairwoman of Morinomiya academy offers the siblings into her care. The reason of her doing so was because she lost her Son and daughter-in-law in the same accident .

The chairwoman admits Ryūchi into her own academy. She pays for all the expenses for the two brothers but with a condition. The condition she kept was that Ryūchi would have to help with the academy’s day care. He would only need to help when he had no classes.

School babysitters
School Babysitters Review (c) Hari Tokeino/BS Production committee

Ryūchi gladly accepts the condition . He also agrees to the condition because Kotarō is still a small child and if he helps out in the day care it would make looking after his brother much easier.

The start of Babysitters Club .

Ryūchi and Kotaro are finally adapting to their new lifestyle . Ryū joins the day care and comes up with the idea that the school should have a babysitters club . He comes up with the idea so that it would be a much bigger help to handle all the young children at the day care . The day care is full of the children of the academys teachers . The children are so adorable and cute that the audience will fall in love with each child.

In the process of Taking care of the children Ryūchi also makes new friends. Kotarō is also adjusting to the new environment and makes new friendships. The Babysitter club ends up having Kamitani, a friend of Ryuchi and also one of the children’s older brother as a member. Usaida who used to be a student had already been taking care of the children before Ryūchi started the club as a part time job. The series shows how the Friendship between them and the children at the day care grows into a beautiful bond .

School Babysitters Review (c) Hari Tokeino/BS Production committee

Making memories with the Babysitters Club.

Ryūchi and Kotarō always end up having a fun and amazing time at the day care which became the Babysitters club. In the series the children are also taken to small field trips to the zoo. The children have fun and are excited to see animals and play with their friends. One of the episodes also show them going to the beach to play.

In the beach episode we can see that when Ryūchi was swimming he dives in and takes time to come back. In that moment Kotarō got scared of his brother drowning and tried to go save him. When Ryūchi notices this he realised that Kotarō aslo cares for him as much as he does and why wouldn’t he . What is even more beautiful is that Kotarō feared the water yet tried to get in to save his big brother. But this wasn’t the only time we see Kotarō being the cutest and caring little brother .

In another episode when Ryūchi gets really sick Kotarō tries to help the Chairwoman in preparing a remedy to cure his sick brother . In the scene we can see how Little Kotarō is giving his best to help his brother because he knew that his older brother is doing alot to take care of him as well .

How can a child be that smart and understanding?

School Babysitters: A wonderful show for the Holiday season

From episode 1 to 12 of this anime, you will fall in love with Kotarō. He is just one of the sweetest and cutest in the entire series. Each episode will melt your heart and keep you excited and smiling. If you are sad you will no longer be sad after watching this beautiful show. The holiday seasons are those filled with laughter and happiness. For those wondering what to watch for this season of merry and joy this show is best suited. The show also includes an episode where everyone gathers together to celebrate the wonderful festival of Christmas. It is not only for the holiday season but to make this time of year more joyous, this is an anime to watch.

The entire series is beautiful. Filled with emotions of both laughter and Sadness. A true show that makes your heart feel all warm and filled with love . A show showing a strong bond between Ryūchi and Kotarō. The new friends and memories they make . A series to show how all siblings are different but still love each other. The series portrays how new bonds made can help people for better reasons. A pure delight to watch. Make your holiday season even more cheerful and bright with this wonderful anime School Babysitters.

School Babysitters Review (c) Hari Tokeino/BS Production committee

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