Romance Webtoons list: Dive into the Romance.

Webtoon, the online web comic, has been sought-after and enjoyed by people all over the globe for some time now. It’s safe to say that romance is one of the most favored genres in webtoons. Something about fated meetings and finding love in the unexpected — a common troupe in this genre — has been capturing hearts of readers all over. Here’s a list of some of the finest romance webtoons, in case you don’t know where to start.

But maybe you’re more of a thriller fan? If so, then we have just the list for you. Just follow this link to Top Ten Best Thriller Webtoons. Or maybe you want to know the difference between webtoons and Mangas? But anyway, let’s just right into it, my guide to how to get into Romance webtoons.

Now where do we start? ok how about this list:

And with that, let’s dive into each webtoon and why they should definitely be something you need to read…like right now.

Romance Webtoons Nice to meet you
Source : Nice to Meet You (c) Wishroomness

Mew Appleby, a university student, finds an I.D Card that belongs to someone. But instead of returning it to the owner, she decides to play a prank not realizing that she would meet him face to face. Here is where they started seeing each other on campus, but little did they know they will slowly start to fall for each other. A typical “Shy Girl” and a “Cold Guy” Romance Webtoons story.

Romance Webtoons Unlovable replacement
Source : Unlovable Replacement (c) Nylana

Chiko Dyer was heartbroken when his girlfriend left him. He wanted to be strong and not let his emotions gets the best of him. On the day when his ex called him, just to tell him she would return some stuff that belonged to him (Since she does not want to throw them away), he does not want to look pitiful in front of her after talking big. When suddenly his bell rang, a delivery girl was at his door. He immediately requested for her help in dealing with his ex. But to her surprise, his ex was a girl she once knew, and Chiko was also someone she knew from long ago, but he did not recognise her. Read more for this lovable couple where a girl who is not interested in a relationship and a heartbroken boy longing for a relationship falls for each other.

Romance Webtoons Freaking Romance
Source : Freaking Romance webtoons (c) Snailords

An independent girl, Zylith Everis, kicked out from home by her father for wanting to pursue a career as an artist, ends up in renting an apartment which was supposedly haunted. But it turns out she was sharing her apartment with a boy from another dimension where they can see but could not touch each other. A journey where Zelan (boy from the other dimension) teaches Zylith about love and affection while travelling to different dimensions.

Romance Webtoons: So I married an Anti-fan
Source : So I Married an Anti-fan (c) So I Married an Anti-fan Production Committee

Geunyoung Lee, a young reporter making her ends meet, met a famous star Joon Hoo at a club who happens to be the reason she lost her job. This is because she took a photo of the star with another lady, which caused Joon Hoo to snatch her camera and destroyed it in order to save face. He uses his power to remove the young reporter from her work. After what happened, Geunyoung Lee was filled with rage and decided that her sole purpose was to expose the tow-faced Joon Hoo by posting spiteful comments about him. Can she really pull it off? What happens when Geunyoung begins to find out that there is more to Hoo Joon than just an arrogant star.

Romance Webtoons: To love your enemy.
Source : To Love Your Enemy (c) Jungyoon · Taegeon

24-year-old Yeon-hee Bae after living a life full of lies, decides to go to college to leave her past life and start over. But what happens when she meets her worst enemy that knew her from the past she was running away from? Now she has to live her college life alongside Yikyung Lee (her nemesis) but they slowly start learning about each other and what really happened between Yeon-hee and Yikyung’s mother. After faking a relationship, some misunderstanding and confusion, they somehow develop real feelings for each other.

Romance Webtoons: Act like you love me
Source : Act Like You Love Me (c) Xuann

Ji-Eon Lee is a 25-year-old who works multiple temporary jobs and lives her life filled with stress. On one of her new temp jobs, she was mistaken for the personal assistant of the famous star Dayun Nam. Having spent the entire day with the arrogant star running errands for him, spending every penny from her own pocket, she learns that it was a mistake. She curses the star by venting out her anger at a doll she got at the convenient store where she worked. It just so happens that the doll has supernatural power. Now she has the power to make him do as she please and it was her turn to be the boss.

Age Matters
Source : Age Matters (c) Enjelicious

An interesting romance webtoon about a 29-year-old Rose Choi dating a 23-year-old Daniel Yoon. Rose who is in a financial turmoil ends up staying at a friend’s place (Yura) who went away for a vacation. Rose fills in her friend’s work as a maid while taking care of a young CEO (Daniel Yoon). She later gets promoted as a temporary Personal Assistant with a condition — No Romance. But Daniel Yoon who develops a soft spot for his faithful P.A starts falling in love with her.

Ghost Wife
Source : Ghost Wife (c) Saejung

A high school girl who can see monsters and ghosts somehow became the wife of a mountain ghost. One night, before going to bed, Liz saw a boy eating a cat through the window. Terrified, Liz dismisses it as just a bad dream. But to her surprise, she runs into the same boy the next morning. And finds out that he is a ghost — the only ghost who can protect her from other monsters and ghosts. In order for him to protect her, she must become his wife and live with him.

 She would never know
Source : She Would Never Know (c) She Would Never Know Production Committee

Songa, an independent woman, is also one of the top assistant brand managers at Klar Cosmetics. She always gets things done in time and is efficient and competent. She is the mentor of a new junior, Hyeonseung, who one day sees Songa’s boyfriend cheating on her. He shows Songa the true identity of her boyfriend. And later confesses his feelings towards her and is willing to wait until she is ready to accept his feelings.

If you want to dive into the world of romance webtoons, we reckon any of these a great place to start. And there’s more where that came from!

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Featured image from Unlovable Replacement (c) Nylana

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