Rebuild of Welcome to the NHK Novel Releases in English

Rebuild of Welcome to the NHK was released in English on Sunday by TKMT books. It is the sequel novel to Tatsuhiko Takimoto‘s Welcome to the NHK (NHK ni Yōkoso!) novel. The sequel is approximately 30 pages long and is available digitally on Amazon and Gumroad.

Takimoto published the original novel about a shut-in and the girl who reaches out to him in 2001.

Tokyopop released the Welcome to the NHK novel in English in 2007, and released Kendi Oiwa’s manga adaptation in 2006-2008. Viz Media later published the manga in English, and it describes the story:

Twenty-something-year-old Satou, a college dropout and aficionado of anime porn, knows a secret – or at least he thinks he does! Believe it or not, he has stumbled upon an incredible conspiracy created by the Japanese Broadcasting Company NHK. But despite fighting the good fight, Satou has become an unemployed Hikikomori – a shut-in who as withdrawn from the world… One day, he meets Misaki, a mysterious young girl who invites him to join her special “project.” Slowly Satou comes out of his shell and his hilarious journey begins: filled with mistaken identity; panty shots; Lolita complexes–and an ultimate quest to create the greatest hentai  game ever!

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