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Quirks versus metahumans

Sometimes in the world of Comics, like in American and Japanese comics, you can always find similarities even though they are two completely different worlds. Take for example, Quirks from MHA and Metahumans from DC Comics specifically The Flash (T.V. Series). What are the similarities and differences between the Heroes and Villains of both these worlds? This is Neotakus Quirks vs Metahumans article and you can decide at the end on who wins.

My Hero Academia is a really successful show, but it wouldn’t have been possible if not for its predecessors. Anime like HxH, Gundam, or even shows like Astro boy and Sailor Moon. To understand how they are all connected, I must recommend my article History Of Manga and History of Anime. Also, don’t be afraid to check out my top ten list of Chibi Anime Characters.

Both Quirks and Metahumans are people with superhuman powers and these individuals are either Heroes who protect humankind or Villains who disrupt the peace of its nation. That is one thematic parallel we can draw right away. We will take a closer look at some of the similarities between quirks and metahumans in this article. But let’s also take a look at the difference between how the superhuman society is viewed by all in both worlds.

Quirks vs Metahumans Flash Series
Source : The Flash
Neotakus Quirks vs Metahumans

Obvious Differences

In My Hero Academia, supernatural power is very familiar with the people. As it has already been explained in the first episode itself that 80% of human population have quirks. They are natural and people are born with it and manifest it at the age of four. But there are also some who manifest their quirk right after birth. Whereas in The Flash, Metahumans gained their power when the particle accelerator from S.T.A.R Labs exploded and dark matter was exposed to some civilians causing them to mutate and develop supernatural powers.

As mentioned before that quirks are already well-known and people are adapt to it. People are well prepared and there are schools and institutions to train the young generation who wants to be Heroes. Most kids look forward to becoming a Hero and start nurturing their powers and train before entering High-School, so that they can enroll in Hero-Course. Like the prestigious school U.A. High-School, Shiketsu High-School, Ketsubutsu Academy High-School, Seiai Academy and others.

Quirks vs Metahumans MHA/BNHA
Source : My Hero Academia (c) My Hero Academia Production Committee
Neotakus Quirks vs Metahumans

These schools are well known across the country and top Heroes attend these schools just like the former number one hero All Might and the current number one hero Endeavor who graduated from U.A. High. But not all wants to be a Hero, or some even fall off from the path of being a Hero due to unpleasant situations that occur in their life. They become a Villain instead like Gentle Criminal (U.A. Cultural Festival Arc), Lady Nagant (Villain Hunt Arc). There are some who loath the Heroes because of their misconception about the hero society like Tenko Shimura, although All For One was responsible in misleading him when he found Tenko abandoned by society. Later he is known as Tomura Shigaraki after All For One adopts him (Meta Liberation Army Arc). He is the current leader of the League of Villains.

Unlike My Hero Academia, The Flash does not have any specific schools or training institute for the Metahumans. As said before the Metahumans got their powers by being exposed to Dark Matter during the explosion of the Particle Accelerator. The only trained Metahumans are the ones from S.T.A.R. Labs itself. The Team Flash namely, Barry Allen (Flash), Caitlin Snow (Frost), Cisco Ramon (Vibe), Wally West (Kid Flash) and Ralph Dibny (Elongated Man). Most of the Metahumans are criminals or people abusing their power to threaten or harm the innocent. Some who dislike Meta power seek revenge against S.T.A.R. Labs particularly Professor Wells, the one responsible of the Particle Accelerator Explosion.

When I say there are characteristics within Quirks and Metahumans that I find similar or completely the same, this is what I mean:

All For One and Melting Point

Quirks vs Metahumans similar powers
Source : The Flash, My Hero Academia (c) My Hero Academia Production Committee
Neotakus Quirks vs Metahumans

The two of them have similar powers. They can both take the other individuals’ powers but in this case All For One can take the power and use as his own. The person it was stolen from will be left quirkless like Ragdoll (Season 3 episode 9). He can also transfer quirks to others.

Similarly, Melting Point can take one’s power by dissolving their DNA and transferring them to another person. When confronted by Team Flash, Melting Point accidently swaps Flash’s Super Speed and transfers it to Iris (Season 4, Episode 16). Later, he reverses them back to normal.

Shoto and Frost

Quirks vs Metahumans Ice Powers
Source : The Flash, My Hero Academia (c) My Hero Academia Production Committee
Neotakus Quirks vs Metahumans

The Ice powers of the two are similar to a large extend. Frost who wields Ice power can also absorb Heat Energy and generate low temperature from her body. Whereas Shoto’s quirk is Half-Hot Half-Cold. He can emit Ice from the right side and Flame from the left, a combination of quirks inherited from both parents.

Endeavor and Firestorm

Quirks vs Metahumans Fire Powers
Source : The Flash, My Hero Academia (c) My Hero Academia Production Committee
Neotakus Quirks vs Metahumans

These two characters can emit flames from their body at a high temperature. Endeavour’s quirk Hell flame can produce intense flames from his body and can withstand it and control it easily. With his flame he can go at a greater speed and can even fly with flames. Firestorm on the other hand is a pyrokinetic source. He controls fire at will, like Endeavor he can also use his flame to fly and control them at will.

Hamiko Toga and Everyman

Stealing abilities
Source : The Flash, My Hero Academia (c) My Hero Academia Production Committee

They have the ability to transform to another person but the only difference is that Toga can only transform by blood-infusion of her target. Everyman is a shape shifter and can transform to any individual by physically contacting them. Both can duplicate a person along with replicating their clothes as well as their voice. When it comes to switching transformation Toga’s body melts into gray liquid which is quite slow compare to Everyman, as he can switch quickly to another person.

Earphone Jack and Pied Piper

Sound powers
Source : The Flash, My Hero Academia (c) My Hero Academia Production Committee

The ability of super hearing and using that to their advantage is an interesting power. Earphone Jack is a hero in training she can hear even a faint sound and can tell enemies’ location. She can also generate sound effects, turn them to attack and shock her target with vibration. And by plugging her earphones into the ground she can produce a strong wave like an earthquake. Pied Piper like Earphone Jack he has super hearing but he also has enhanced vocal chords with which he can emit sonic scream at a high intensity and frequency. His sonic scream also allows him to fly. He can also emit sonic attack from his gauntlets from his hands.

These are some characters that have similar powers and there are more. So, in conclusion Quirks and Metahumans are the same with just a different word for each superhuman power.


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Sources : theflash.fandom.com, myheroacademia.fandom.com

Featured image : original posters of both the shows.

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