Penguin Highway Review: Mysteriously Interesting.

A mysterious yet wholesome anime movie, Hiroyasu Ishida directed Anime Penguin Highway. This is also his first feature film. This first feature by the director is impressive and magnificent. It has been adapted by the Japanese science fiction novel written by Tomihiko Morimi. It then had a manga adaptation. Studio colorido then adapted the manga into a movie in the year of 2018. This will be my review on the movie.

The movie has some amazing visuals and stunning animation. A movie that can be watched with your friends, family or whenever you feel a little blue.

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Penguin Highway Poster
Penguin Highway Review (c)Tomihiko Morimi/SC Production committee

The start of project penguin highway.

Penguin highway starts of with Aoyama, a fourth grader who narrates his life. Aoyama narrates about his genius and his intelligence being exceptional. When Aoyama is seen leaving for school he sees that a field near the road was experiencing something weird. Wanting to take a closer look he walks towards the field and notices a flock of penguins in the middle of it.

Aoyama who is a curious little boy thinks about the Penguins he saw that morning at school. While the thought of the Penguins appearance was a mystery the readon Aoyama was even more curious was because he wanted to impress a nurse who he has a crush on. Researching more and more little Aoyama gets even more interested in knowing where and how the Penguins appeared. His classmate Uchida was also curious on knowing where the Penguins came from and so joined Aoyama on a quest to find out the truth behind the Penguins.

When back home, Aoyama starts to research more on penguins and researchers his own town as well. On doing this Aoyama finds a certain epifany. He makes a small road map and named their quest on finding the mysterious appearance of the creatures “Penguin Highway”.

The cause of the Penguins.

Aoyaoma and his friend were excited and on a weekend would go for their expedition to find out about the Penguins. Uchida and Aoyama set on their goal to find answers.

Penguin Highway fried
Penguin Highway Review (c)Tomihiko Morimi/SC Production committee

With the road map Aoyama makes they walk places from localities up to the mountains. As they were resting and looking at the beautiful clear blue sky a penguin appears unexpectedly. Amazement struck both Aoyama and Uchida. They rushed to follow the penguin. As they followed the penguin they get deeper into the forest of the mountain and find themselves stranded in some weird place with no sign of the penguin.

Lost in the woods the two boys try finding their way back when their class bully Suzuki appears. Scared and anxious Uchida runs as fast as he could. Suzuki then grap holds of Aoyama and he along with his side-kicks tie him up to a vending machine leaving him alone. Aoyama had to stand around waiting. As time went by the nurse who Aoyama called onē-san comes by and opens him up. While teasing Aoyama the nurse just throws a can of soda up in the air and magically that can of Soda turns into a penguin. This amazed Aoyama and leaves him questioning on how the nurse had created these penguins.

Aoyama is even more determined on finding answers on how these penguins were created and what powers did the nurse hold to create them.

Penguin Highway naisu
Penguin Highway Review (c)Tomihiko Morimi/SC Production committee

The Penguin Energy.

Aoyama and the nurse had been experimenting most days to find out answers and at this time Uchida also had some news. Uchida was hiding a penguin he had found. Aoyama and Uchida then took the penguin and were set to go to the aquarium. On their way they started to experience something weird. The penguin had started to sweat and looked really ill. When they got out of the train, the penguin disappeared and turned back from what he was made. At this Aoyama realised that there was some kind energy that kept the penguins alive and if they were far from that energy they turn back to how they were.

Experiments with the nurse continued. Within a few days Aoyama had found out that she could make penguins only when it was really sunny. He also realised that she could make bats when it was dark.

One day in school Hamamoto, a classmate of Aoyama comes up to him and tells him that she has something to show him. One fine day Aoyama ,Hanamoto and Uchida walk up to the Mountain. Aoyama and Uchida followed Hamamoto to see what she had found. What they saw was beyond ordinary. It was a ball of water floating in the middle of a field behind the mountains. Just a mere ball of water floating in thin air. The three children amazed by this unnatural wonder start experementing and writing papers dreaming of great achievements in science.

Penguin Highway cute
Penguin Highway Review (c)Tomihiko Morimi/SC Production committee

This ball of water was what Aoyama belived to be the energy that was helping all the Penguins to stay as penguins and what they used to be.

What’s Next?

With days passing by the ball of water kept growing bigger and bigger and unnaturel events started to take place in the entire town. The being a mystery in itself let to a number if questions. Was there another world inside the ball. Is it just water or was there more to it. The size of the ball though led to cause chaos and confusion.

Will Aoyama be able to solve the problem to this utter chaos. Is there something that has been connecting the penguins ,the ball of water and the nurse. The answer to all these questions will be found in the anime.

This wonderful and visually appealing anime will have you leaving with wonders and contentment. The entire movie is absolutely enticing. This anime is a must watch especially when you are looking for something sweet like Gibli movies with a mix of modern day science fiction. But also remember when watching the movie to be open minded and not go looking around for each and every answer.

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