One Punch Man Review: Why we keep watching it?

Why do we watch One Punch Man 100 times over? Well, maybe because it is hands Down, the best Anime I have ever watched. After watching it Multiple Times, I can confidently say that I will watch it again. Heck!! I’ll watch all the short-clips on YouTube, re-watch the entire series and then go on repeating that cycle. This is my One Punch Man Review of the anime.

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One Punch Man review Saitama
Visuals from the show (c) ONE/One Punch Man Production Committee
One Punch Man Review

“A hero just for Fun!!”, now that is the most realistic reason I have heard from a hero character. While all others have this sense of Justice and their powerful emotions guides them with a lengthy back story, Saitama just wants to have fun. And that, is simply Awesome!

A protagonist that can defeat enemies with one punch is seeking ‘Fun’. Only problem being that Fun depends on him having an exceptional fight with someone to prove his might and importance to the world around him. But alas as a superhero that can destroy enemies with just one single punch, Saitama is having an existential crisis. He is struggling as any real life individual would with issues of depression and anxiety.

In one of the episodes of Saitama where he is walking with ‘King’ (a scary cat individual who accidentally became considered a strong hero). He is questioning himself and his existence but King talked to him about what it means to be a hero. Obviously a counsellor moment for me.

Including real life mental issues in One-Punch Man is indeed subtle, but to a counsellor like myself, this representation is indeed fascinating.

One Punch Man review King
Visuals from the show (c) ONE/One Punch Man Production Committee

The author shows or portrays Saitama to be a person with little words and shows disinterests in a lot of things. Perhaps the struggle within him to be recognised by society and his distraught over failure in his personal life has made him to become secluded but still seeking to make an impact.

In real life situations, individuals who face constant failure or rejection in society or who are not what people consider as a productive member of society can and have shown to withdraw themselves from public appearances and social life. But it doesn’t mean they reject society nor are they antisocial. They simply withdraw because they do not wish to be burdens to others around them. 

One Punch Man review angry Saitama
Visuals from the show (c) ONE/One Punch Man Production Committee
One Punch Man Review

In One Punch Man, there are too many instances and scenes that show or represent the complexities of mental issues. These behaviours include things like anxious behaviour and depression. However, like how real life individuals cling to a mundane daily routine in order to distract oneself from the feelings of uselessness and failure, Saitama or One punch man does exactly that. 

Mixed with constant humorous element throughout the Anime, the creators were able to beautifully express the mind of a troubled soul that only seeks to divert attention from the mundane of the daily life with that of efforts to be recognised and accepted.

OPM teaches us it is okay to live with mental illness and that there is no sure-fire way to fix things in life. Mental illness is unchanging and it might live with you throughout your life. So why can’t we choose to accept it as a part of us? And by doing so, we can understand our strengths and limitations. Heck!! Even if we can defeat enemies with one punch, it does not necessarily mean we will be problem free.

Another important character in One Punch Man, Genos- a cyborg who became Saitama’s pupil by accident. He also eventually becomes an important friend to Saitama.

Visuals from the show (c) ONE/One Punch Man Production Committee

While At first, Saitama tries to push Genos away, he eventually subconsciously sought for Genos. This is common in individuals who have isolated themselves because of their own insecurities of ‘self worth’. This is also because relying on another person of trust can be quite a scary gamble for them. However, it is quite endearing to see the progression of their friendship. How a secluded Saitama opens up to Genos as a trusted comrade, even in the smallest mundane routine in his life. This is perhaps an excellent depiction of real-life situation.

If there is one negative opinion I can give to the Anime, it is just that the second season of One punch man is simply not as good as the first. The reason being the original team that worked on season one did not work on the second… or something like that. Yes, the second season also has its plus points and a lot of the animation and dialogue etc was cool. But the first season had such an impact that it made these minor issues visible to an anime fan. One Punch Man simply lacks the PUNCH in the second season.

Viz Media
One Punch Man Review

However, even with that being said about the second season which is like finding a needle in a haystack. One Punch Man is still one of the best, if not the very best anime out there. I highly recommend watching it and re-watching again and again because there will always be something new to discover and experience with Saitama–The regular guy with regular problems who loves a good sale and is compassionate about other people’s feelings.

In conclusion, I wish to personally add a remark–“Saitama is the greatest Hero that has ever existed and can beat the crap out of all Marvel + DC heroes combined. He is a handsome Bald dude who is discriminated by society because they are jealous of his baldness.”.

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