Scissor Seven review: A bloody Funny Show

Scissor Seven Review

Netflix’s Scissor Seven is a Chinese Animated series released on the 10th of January 2020. It is simply a fun yet very intelligently made anime in my opinion. Though Scissor Seven has a little fun with the various quirks, it also pulls you in with a backstory that is serious and dark. It is available on Netflix for viewing and there are, so far, a total of 3 seasons.

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Scissor Seven Main Poster
Scissor Seven

The story :

The anime is about an assassin who, for reasons unknown, has lost his memory. Two characters, Dai bo and Xioa Fei, found and rescued him. They then became good friends and even business partners later on. They found him washed away on a beach on the island called the Chicken Island. The protagonist or the memory loss assassin was called seven, but of course, that wasn’t his real name. It was rather his code as an assassin.

Scissor Seven Rescue
Scissor Seven

The first two seasons of the anime had revolved around Seven’s life on the chicken island where he worked in a barbershop. And also as a pay for hire assassin, which is a business venture of his boss and friend Dai Bo and Xiao Fei. There he met various funny, quirky, and weird characters and other fellow assassins. He was on a road of remembering his past and, in an effort to do that, had moments of self-discovery in his life as an assassin.

However, it is in the Third season that the anime really took off. He finally had some sense of who he was and he left Chicken island to pursue his past and maybe get some clarity of who he was as a person and as an assassin. The third season ended on a cliffhanger and it is leaving me wanting for more.

Scissors Seven characters


Seven is goofy, absent-minded, and is a bit of a pushover, especially in season 1 and 2. This maybe because of his amnesia making him dependent on his nakamas to actually tell him who he is. But because the surrounding people don’t really know him, he is being led and told what to do and how to do it. Usually by his boss and friend Dai bo. As the series progresses, we can see his sense of justice and character develop consistently, which is quite cool to see such precision in the character development.

Scissor Seven
Scissor Seven

His efforts to woo Thirteen, another amazing character of the anime, is also fun filled but sweet. As so far as I can tell, Seven is actually pretty serious in his past life, before the amnesia. It was also to protect a woman that had caused him to lose his memory and almost died. We shall assume that this woman he so desired to protect is someone who we know as the woman in white who seven had expressed his desire to protect to her in a conversation. But this character is quite interesting and intelligently written and I cannot wait for season 4 on Netflix.

Scissor Seven
Scissor Seven


Dai Bo is the closest friend of seven, who also acts like a business manager as well. While we find them arguing about the most mundane things, Dai bo and seven shares a very close relationship. He is a blue-coloured bird with cool shades. Dai Bo was also the one who gave seven the Gaiba eggs which allow seven to transform into anything in appearance only.

Scissor Seven Dai Bo
Scissor Seven

Xiao Fei

Xiao Fei is another friend of seven who always impresses seven with his many abilities and has always served as an escape device for seven as well. He has, frequently, saved seven butt with his awesome transformation. Xiao Fei is a chicken whose father was a fighter and mother is a pigeon. He is the adopted son of Dai Bo.

Scissor Seven Xiao Fei
Scissor Seven

He Dachun

Dachun is a bodyguard who would even risk his own life to save the lives of others. Dachun has had many interactions with seven. He dedicates himself to being a bodyguard and trains non-stop for it. Some of his skills and trainings are hilarious but gooood. He is quite an amusing character, especially with his buzz cut and square face.

He Dachun
Scissor Seven


Thirteen or Plum Blossom Thirteen is also an assassin, who continues to be an integral part of seven lives and journey. She is quite a skilled assassin herself and also a very cute character with a strong sense of justice which she struggles with as a character. Seven develops a crush on her after their second encounter and hits on her on many occasions. Her participation in season three is quite surreal.

Scissor Seven Thirteen

Apart from the above mention characters, they filled the animated series with many interesting characters. And they all add to the overall plot and do not feel separate from the overall theme. There are characters for every mood one can say. Light funny characters, the weird quirky ones and the dark deceptive characters all tied up with Seven’s life – the present, his past, and the future, which is the revisiting of his past.


The Animation -The sound -The brilliance of Scissor Seven:

The animation style is progressive from a very comic feel. Especially the first two seasons, but a much smoother and refine animation styling in the third season. However, even in the first two seasons of the animation, the styling was fluid enough to hold together multiple genre of styling. With the third season, the animation, the art, and the visual effects became so refine that it transcended from being just another anime series to a beautiful work of art. This is most evident in the fight scenes.

Fight Scenes
Fight scenes

The movements of the art are so profound that it is so simple yet so artistic at the same time. The animation style made the fight believable. Of course, it seems that the fight-style was based on real life body movements of actual fighters and just not some thought out of thin air fight scenes. Even with the characters using magic powers while fighting, I was more lost in the fight scenes and had forgotten the use of magic because the overall feel was just captivating.


But, I gotta hand it to the sound guys as well. The only way I could fully immerse myself in the anime is if all my senses were attuned to one another harmoniously. The sound effects and the background chants and music were just perfect. I was not only blessed with a good storyline, great animation style, funny and quirky scenes, but I was also fully dunked in something special.

Scissors seven is a must watched anime. If you want to appreciate the beauty of its simplicity, then all seasons are a must watch. And as someone said somewhere, ‘it’s a funny action type thingy that’s fun to watch and you can really enjoy the darkness of it too’.

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