NEOtakus Polls: Doraemon vs Shin-Chan? Who won?

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Good afternoon, fellow neotakus!
To choose a favourite anime theme song is asking for the impossible. Simply because there are so many anime with super badass tracks from everywhere. There can be multiple but never just one, in my opinion. So we conducted our NEOtakus Polls to find out the answer that’s on everyone’s mind. But before we get into that, you definitely have to check our last Poll where we found out who would win between Naruto versus Bleach.

Some of my all-time favourites which I jam to till this day are:

Air Gear Opening- Chain
Bleach- Asterisk
Full Metal Alchemist- Again
NEOtakus Polls
Paradise Kiss- Lonely and Gorgeous

Cowboy Bebop- Tank (Is it just me or does it seem like a song totally suited for a Pink Panther Series? LOL and so glad that a someone agreed that it is indeed a great song which I will get into shortly) I have to get into this. WHO CAN FORGET THE POKEMON THEME SONG? That was the one I sang with the most confidence 😂 and I am sure alot of ya’ll have done that too.

Cowboy Bebop – Tank
Pokemon Theme Song

So as I was saying, there was a poll on the as well as a question round for the audience on the 3rd of October. The question was “Favourite Anime Theme Song” and boy was I glad to see “Tank” on the list. (Looks like I don’t have such a bad taste after all LOL).

Kanon- Last Regrets
Ninja Hattori- Opening Theme Song
Shingeki No Kyojin- Season 1 Ending Theme Song

Some of the other songs mentioned were: Kanon- Last Regrets, Ninja Hattori- Opening Theme Song, Shingeki No Kyojin- Season 1 Ending Theme Song, Yuyu Hakusho- Smile Bomb and Naruto Shippuden Flow-Sign (I bet 10 bucks that you all have cried or have at least shed a tear or two while watching the anime with this song. It really broke my heart too. 😂) Anyway, that’s the end of that.

Yuyu Hakusho- Smile Bomb
Naruto Shippuden Flow-Sign

Doraemon vs Shin-Chan Popularity NEOtakus Polls!

So this time, the Poll comprised the choice between Doraemon and Shin-Chan and looks like not even Doraemon’s magical powers could not help him this time😂. Shin-Chan won a majority by ONE VOTE more. Yes, that’s just one vote ahead of our boy Doraemon.

Doraemon vs Shin-chan

So Shin-chan got a grand total of 16 votes and Doraemon got 15 votes. You can do the math for the total number of votes. Anyway, please do suggest us on what we should do next or how we should go about. Email us on [email protected] or contact us on our social media handles.

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