Neotakus Poll Results: Naruto vs Bleach? Who won?

NEOtakus wants to know you guys a bit more on a personal scale. And to do that, we have to converse. But talking to each reader individually is impossible… considering the number of you guys out there. So we decided on doing polls and questions on our Social Media Handles to better know you guys. This is the very first Neotakus Poll and we plan on doing these more regularly. So be sure to follow our social media handles to participate.

Speaking of Nostalgia, check out our article on Only Yesterday. Or maybe you want to know our top ten best White Haired anime characters or you want to read about Jesus and Buddha for some reason. But you definitely have to read our History Of Manga Article. Anyway, let’s move on to the polls and see what is in your minds.

So on the 16th of September, we conducted a poll to find out what is it that people actually like. We will probably dive into what people want, listen to, and many other topics. We wanted to start with a super, super, suuuuper common poll of a choice over two of the most popular anime. Some of you have already guessed it, we want to know if there are more Naruto fans or Bleach fans.

Neotakus polls Naruto vs Bleach
NEOtakus Poll

And a “not-so-surprising” result came out where of 39 participants, 25 of them voted for Naruto and the remaining 14 liked Bleach. Which means 64% opted for Naruto while the other 36% went for Bleach. For me personally, being a Bleach Fan, I felt kinda disappointed with the results. Mainly because I prefer Bleach over Naruto any day. I mean Bleach is the not one of those anime *wink wink* that goes on forever and ever. Won’t name which, but most “mainstream” anime tend to be that way. (Hey, Bandame here as the editor of this write-up, but One Piece is a beautiful anime. I know you were talking about that).

Neotakus polls Graph
NEOtakus Poll

Anyway, ignoring Bandame and coming back to the topic, most of us here would agree that anime/ manga culture has had an immense influence on us growing up. We’d be lying if we say that we’ve never tried the ICONIC NARUTO NINJA RUN at least once in our lives. Especially through the school corridors when we’re going out for Lunch Breaks. xD LOL. Those were the days… we feel all high and mighty back then.

So for the other question, we also ask which is the first anime people watched and we got like 12 people responding. Giving all kinds of names like Cardcaptors Sakura, Ninku, Beyblade, Yu yu Hakusho (Spirit Bombbb!!!!), Cowboy Bebop, Doraemon, Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z. Two people actually voted for Cardcaptors Sakura and another two for Ninku. While we’re at it, we’ve already written an article on Ninku so please make sure to check it out.

Neotakus polls comments
NEOtakus Polls comments

So yessss, I think most of us are familiar with the anime which has been mentioned above and most of them were super bomb. Totally loved most of them. Yu yu Hakusho’s “Spirit Bomb” was also something that we would imitate back in the day. So anyway, we will do more polls in the coming days, so to take part in it, please follow our social media handles here. Do you have any topic you want us to do a poll on next? Comment below or contact us through our various social Media Handles.

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4 Comments on “Neotakus Poll Results: Naruto vs Bleach? Who won?”

  1. Oh man!! One piece just goes on and on. Its a good anime but dude need like a memory wipe before next adventure, seem like a hell loop where it goes on and on.

    That Slime Anime has more interesting stuff that keep you entertained.

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