Most Intelligent Anime Characters: Top 15 smartest.

Most Intelligent Anime Characters

We all know that in Anime shows, the Most Intelligent Anime Characters are the ones that are a cut above the rest. He/she would be the brains of the group to come up with battle plans or even make a strategy for manipulating others. There are different types of intelligent characters such as skilful tacticians and strategists, scientists or doctors, researchers and even great detectives that solve cases within a mere second. Let us see some of these few selected brilliant characters. I hope you like the selection but be alert for spoilers for those who do not read the manga.

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The Top 15 Most Intelligent Anime Characters:

Lelouch Vi Britannia:

Most Intelligent Anime Characters
Photo (c): Atsuro Yomino/Sunrise

Anime: Code Geass

Lelouch is a very intelligent character, he was raised in a noble family and we can see this results in him being an arrogant person. He loves to play chess against the other people of nobility and at the same time views them as corrupt people and dislikes them. Chess is not just a game to Lelouch, his extensive mind also allows him to utilise this ability in real-life planning and strategy.

Lelouch is an expert and merciless tactician that is willing to sacrifice anyone in battle just to achieve his goal. But he will gladly face and accept any consequence for his actions. Even without the Geass, he can easily take down his opponents as his prodigy mind is his greatest weapon. His level of intellect allows him to calculate and analyse strategies at an unimaginable speed. He is clever and also a gifted manipulator as anything he says would make people often fall for him. His tactical perception even allows him to predict situations and outcomes on battlefields. At a young age, Lelouch was able to come up with his own secret sign language to communicate with his childhood friend.     


Most Intelligent Anime Characters
Photo(c): Akira toriyama/Toei Animation

Anime: Dragon Ball.

Bulma is a notable inventor, she is one of the smartest females in all anime series, and she is well known for her ultimate intelligence.  Bulma is an excellent scientist and even made her own inventions like the Dragon Radar. This was one of her most remarkable devices. She is also the daughter of The Capsule corp. founder Dr Brief. Since childhood, Bulma showed capabilities in following her father’s footsteps in becoming a great scientist. Bulma’s intelligence is considered superhuman intellect. She is able to create new inventions and even modify older ones.

She has brilliant analytic skills and can easily read complicated engineering styles. Bulma is great at imitating designs and inventions, like for example she made her very own Saiyan Armor by copying Vegeta’s armour. She even manages to identify and learns aliens’ designs and science. She did not just mimic any Saiyan armour, she was also able to build a training facility, especially for Saiyans like Vegeta and her son.


Most Intelligent Anime Characters
Photo(c): Yoshihiro Togashi/Nippon Animation

Anime: Hunter x Hunter:

As King of the Chimera Ants, he is the strongest off-spring of the Chimera Ant Queen. Meruem is not just super strong but he also has a high intellect. And we can even say he is even smarter than any human in the Hunter x Hunter series. Meruem was able to learn all the board games in a flash and defeated many champions. He finds most things to be boring since he was capable to learn and do them all at once, the only game Meruem lacks behind is Gungi not because the game was hard but because he was facing the Gungi Champion Kumugi.

Sosuke Aizen:

Photo(c): Tite Kubo/studio Pierrot

Anime: Bleach           

Aizen was the 5th Division Captain in the Gotei 13 before he left Soul Society. Due to his high intellect in Arts, Aizen was also an instructor at Shino Academy teaching Calligraphy to the shinigami students. Aizen spent most of his time studying and researching Hogyoku. Even though he failed in his research he somehow managed to make it successful by combining it with Urahara’s work. Apart from this Aizen also invented Caja Negacion a trapping device leading the prey to another dimension without any escape option. Aizen’s genius mind did not just end in inventing devices, he is also a master tactician and strategist as well as a great manipulator. He may not be as intelligent as Urahara, but he is close to his level and even acknowledge Kisuke’s bright and sharp mind.

Senku Ishigami:

Most Intelligent Anime Characters
Photo(c): Boichi/TMS Entertainment

Anime: Dr Stone

Senku is a very bright, and one of the Most Intelligent Anime Characters, since his childhood, he loved to study science and research new inventions. After he woke up from being petrified, he quickly calculated the date and year in which he was in. He started making the revival fluid to help the others break free from the stone. He and his friends made a new way in the stone age to rebuild the modern world. Senku later builds The Kingdom of Science with the help of the Ishigami’s village people. There Senku started reinventing all that was lost from scratch. He is determined and persistent even when he has petrified his mind was awake and keeps counting the days and the ones he lost track of.

With his genius mind, Senku was also the team’s strategist and came up with many battle plans to face their enemies. Even though they were in the stone age with no modern tech or studies. Senku’s brilliant mind was able to remember everything which he had learned in his childhood and this is the reason why he was able to rebuild everything from the start. His friends would often say that Senku has the sharpest and most intelligent man in the world.

Mavis Vermillion:

Most Intelligent Anime Characters
Photo(c): Hiro Mashima/A-1 Pictures

Anime: Fairy Tail.

Mavis the Fairy Tactician is an extraordinary genius. She has an excellent intellect and is able to memorise all abilities of those she has come in contact with. Mavis mainly plans and strategises all the battles beforehand. She would analyse countless battle outcomes to come up with the best strategy. Most of the calculations are correct and her team members would often rely on her tactics. She has guided her guild in many battles to their victory. Although sometimes she can miscalculate like what happened in the Grand Magic Game; the fight between Erza and Kagura was misinterpreted by the First Master as Minerva interfered in their fight. However, this does not mean she is an incompetent tactician. She was incredibly skilful in leading her Guild against the most dangerous situations. 

Kisuke Urahara:

Most Intelligent Anime Characters
Photo(c): Tite Kubo/studio Pierrot

Anime: Bleach.

We can say that Kisuke is one of the Most Intelligent Anime Characters in the series ‘Bleach’, he even founded the S.R.D.I and became its first president. He was also the former Captain of the 12th Division before he was exiled from Soul Society. His intellect was seen in all traits of his performance be it inventions, strategies and tactics, he is on a different level as compared to Aizen. Even Aizen himself admits and acknowledges Urahara’s superiority in every way.

Urahara’s looks can surprise anyone, he is an easy-going person and seems jolly but he is far more capable than anyone. He is quick to analyse situations even in the heat of a battle, he can counter any attack and hardly flinch on the battlefield. He is also a great inventor and has introduced many devices like Hogyoku, Gigai Technology (the artificial body that helps retain the broken soul), Soul Object Integration, Reiastu-Concealing Cloak, Tenshintai, Tenkai Kecchu, Karakura-Raizer Transformation Watch, Anti-Hierro Armor Two-Way Holographic Communicator, Shunshin Chohenge Activator and many more.


Most Intelligent Anime Characters
Photo(c): Koyoharu Gotouge/Ufotable

Anime: Demon Slayer.

**Spoiler Alert**

Tamayo is a highly skilled doctor, she devotes her life to researching and the study of demon transformation. Due to her research, Tamayo is the only one who understands most about human and demon transformation. She even comes up with ways to survive without taking so much human blood. With her impressive medicinal skills, she was able to work together with Shinobu to make poison and take down the upper moon. She even created a medicine that helps prevent Demon Blood Art from progressing. This was later used by one of the demon slayers after the fight with a lower moon.

Not only this but Tamayo’s great intelligence makes her one of the Most Intelligent Anime Characters and she even found a way to turn back Nezuko into a human. She also created a drug that could weaken Muzan which helps the demon slayer in an extreme length in defeating the demon king.

Armin Arlet:

Armin Arlet
Photo(c): Hajime Isayama/Wit Studio

Anime: Attack on Titan.

Armin is a member of the Survey Corps, who later became the Commander. He is determined yet timid at times. Before he joined the Corps, he used to be curious about what was beyond the wall. He is a level-headed person and can always keep his cool, he sometimes has had to restrain his friends from starting a fight.

 Armin is one of the intelligent characters in Attack on Titan, he has shown many of his intellectual skills. He can quickly read and analyse the situation he and his team are facing. Armin was also the one who figured out who the Female titan was as soon as he encountered it. He is also a great tactician and thinks outside the box. With his great mind along with being an analytic person, he can come up with a solution to solve problems. Even high ranking officers show interest in his intelligence and acknowledge that Armin’s immense deduction and tactician skills are a valuable asset. Both within and even outside the battlefield.

Shinobu Kocho:

Shinobu Kocho
Photo(c): Koyoharu Gotouge/Ufotable

Anime: Demon Slayer.

**Spoiler Alert**

Shinobu is the Insect Pillar, she is one of the most intelligent Demon Slayer members, and mostly deals with medicines and poisons. When Zenitsu was bitten by a spider demon she helped cure him. Her keen intellect helps her come up with a lethal poison to defeat Doma. Shinobu may be physically weak but she can create numerous poisons from the Wisteria Flowers. This aided her in her fights to take down any demons. She was able to assist Tamayo in creating the Anti – Kibutsuji Drug to weaken Muzan’s physical strength and abilities which helped the other Demon Slayers who fought him and brought him to his end. Shinobu is quick in planning strategy and can sometimes plan ahead like when she fought the upper moon two.  

Ranpo Edogawa:

Ranpo Edogawa
Photo(c): Kafka Asagiri/studio bones

Anime: Bungo Stray Dogs.

Ranpo is a member of The Armed Detective Agency, he is also one of the Most Intelligent Anime Characters as a detective. Although Ranpo does not possess any special abilities like his team members, he is exceptionally equal to them. He can quickly deduce any criminal case without a sweat. With Ranpo’s mastery of mind and intelligence. The Agency can easily close any case given to them, the police department often asked him for his assistance in the most complicated cases. Even if it is a case with less evidence he can promptly deduce it and attained an accurate answer, this was seen in the murder of Yamagiwa. Ranpo can deduce anything with his brilliant intellect, we can even say he does not need any special ability for it as he is already an incredible detective.

Kyoko Kirigiri:

Kyoko Kirigiri
Photo(c): Kazutaka Kodaka/Lerche

Anime: Danganronpa.

Kirigiri is an intelligent girl as well as a very mysterious character. Like Ranpo from Bungo Stray Dogs, Kyoko is the Ultimate Detective. Kirigiri was trained in this field by her grandfather at a very young age. Hence, making her the best of the best Detectives. Kyoko tends to keep her investigation to herself avoiding any unnecessary leakage of information and keeping others safe or getting involved in what she was digging in. She does not rush into any situation she would observe and analyzes it first until she finds the correct solution. Kyoko was a great help to her friends because of her calm and analytic mind, she was also able to save those close to her. She is also great at reading people’s motives, which helps her to analyse and solve cases without making any errors.


Most Intelligent Anime Characters
Photo(c): Kaiu Shirai/CloverWorks

Anime: The Promised Neverland.

As a child, Norman was a great leader and was liked and respected by his fellow siblings. Norman is one of the smartest kids and model students in Grace Field House. He is also known as the math prodigy child. His intelligence exceeds even adults. Due to his immense intelligence, Norman is also considered one of the three ‘Premium Quality Goods’. He is a skilled tactician as well as a brilliant strategist, he also has the most logical deductive skills. Norman is calm and level headed and does not rush things, this nature allows him to plan and analyse situations carefully so they can escape from any dangerous or risky situations. He is unbeatable in the game of tag and one of the Most Intelligent Anime Characters.

Osamu Dazai:

Osamu Dazai
Photo(c): Kafka Asagiri/studio bones

Anime: Bungo Stray Dogs.

Dazai is a member of The Armed Detective Agency. He is also one of the most intelligent members of the agency apart from Ranpo. Dazai is very confident in his ability and is also an expert planner; he can skilfully calculate a long-run strategy to capture his enemies. He is a brilliant persuader mainly by his words and when he interrogates anyone he would definitely get the answer that he wanted. Dazai has a sharp wit and is extremely good at deducing situations. Just like when he had already known that Atsushi was the Tiger himself when he told Dazai and Kunikida that he was being followed by it. He can quickly get out of any situation just by reading what the enemy is plotting. By utilising his intelligence within the agency and helping coordinate with his team members. Dazai can help bring peace to their hometown.  


Most Intelligent Anime Characters
Photo(c): Kaiu Shirai/CloverWorks

Anime: The Promised Neverland.

Ray is one of the smartest children in Grace Field House and he is also one of the three ‘Premium Quality Goods’. Ray is the only one who can keep up with Norman’s intelligence and he is also known as ‘The Walking Encyclopedia’. Unlike Emma who is fun and loves to interact with others, Ray is an introverted and sarcastic boy. He does not like to hang around with the other kids as he loves to spend time alone, reading books. He is also a model student who constantly gets good grades and perfect scores. Ray is good at manipulating and has sharp wits; he is also rational and logical. With his intelligence, he can easily decipher problems and come to a perfect solution.

He is level headed and does things precisely. He cunning and is an extremely intelligent strategist this nature of his helps them in escaping from the house. Ray pretended to be a spy whereas his true intentions were to gather information and collect tools needed for the escape plan. He even manages to invent the ‘Transmitter Crippling Device’ which helps in cutting out the transmitter signal that is placed in the children’s ear.  As Ray did not suffer any childhood amnesia, he was able to find out the truth about the orphanage and starts to make a plan and strategies on how to escape the House. All these factors make him one of the Most Intelligent Anime Characters.

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