Misaki no Mayoiga Anime Film’s Trailer Released

The official website of Sachiko Kashiwaba’s Misaki no Mayoiga released a new trailer for the film. It revealed two new cast members for the film, and also unveiled a new visual. The video also previews the film’s theme song “Mayoiga” by Hitsujibungaku.

The mysterious old woman who lives in the titular abandoned house, Kiwa will be played by Shinobu Ōtake. Awano Sari will play Hiyori, a child who has not been able to speak since she lost both parents in an accident

Mana Ashida will be the main character Yui, and Iwate prefecture’s governor Takuya Tasso will play Kappa of Kozuchigawa.

(c)Sachiko Kashiwaba/ David Production

The story centers around a traditional Japanese house named “Mayoiga” from where one can see the sea and feel the touch of warmth and nostalgia. Here, a 17-year-old girl named Yui who is trying to find her place in the world begins a new life with people completely unrelated to her.

Misaki no Mayoiga will open in Japan on August 27.

Sources: Misaki no Mayoiga film’s website

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