Mirage in Apex Legends: A deep dive

Mirage in Apex Legends

Mirage in Apex Legends is the most fun-loving and charismatic character to play. Here’s a deep dive on the bamboozler himself and what makes him special.

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An Introduction to Mirage in Apex Legends:

Photo (c): ea.com

Elliot Witt who is also known as Mirage is a Legend in the battle royale game Apex Legends. He is an unlockable character in the game who can be unlocked using Apex tokens. He is mainly played as an Offensive Legend whose main purpose is to trick and bamboozle people using his holographic clones.


Mirage is the kind of guy who likes to stand out. The youngest of four brothers, he perfected the art of fooling around to get attention. The one thing he took seriously was Holo-Pilot technology: introduced to the illusion-creating tech by his engineer mother, he poured over the mechanisms and learned all he could about them. Even when his brothers went MIA during the Frontier War, Mirage and his mother continued to develop holo devices, and the work brought them closer. While working as a bartender to make ends meet, Mirage heard amazing stories from his patrons about the Apex Games and the wealth and glory that came with victory. As good as both of those sounded, he knew he couldn’t risk leaving his mother childless – until she gave him a set of customized holo devices and told him to follow his dream. Mirage is now the life of the Apex Games, outwitting opponents and charming audiences across the Outlands
(According to ea.com)

Mirage Abilities:

Photo (c): ea.com

Tactical Ability-Psyche Out:

His tactical is the ability to send out a Holographic clone in a straight line to wherever you are facing. The clone would initially assume the movement of whatever your character was doing before spawning the ability(E.g: crouching, sprinting, etc.). This clone can also be controlled and mimic your character’s current movement. Furthermore, with 45 hp and a cooldown of 15 seconds, this ability can be used in a multitude of ways to confuse your opponent.

This ability can also be activated twice while either dropping off the ship or using the jump tower.

Passive Ability-Now You See Me…:

When reviving a teammate and when using the respawn beacon, Mirage and his teammate become invisible. He also spawns a holographic decoy when downed that pretends to be dying. During this downed period, he is also invisible for 5 seconds allowing for a quick escape.

Ultimate Ability-Life of The Party:

His Ultimate when activated is the ability to spawn 5 holographic decoys around him which mimic his every movement. Each of these decoys has 45 hp and the ability itself has a 1-minute cooldown. He turns invisible for a second upon activating this ability but his holo emitters will be visible to all players.

Mirage heirloom:

Photo (c): ea.com

In Apex legends there is a specific ultra-rare cosmetic set known as heirlooms. They can be obtained from Apex packs which have a less than 1% chance of dropping 150 heirloom shards. These heirloom shards can then be used to buy an heirloom set. The chances are so low that if a player opens 499 packs he would get 150 heirloom shards on the 500th one. You can also get these shards by collecting all 24 items of an event’s collection set.

Currently, Mirage’s heirloom set specifically contains:

  • A banner pose: You really love me:

A special image of himself to be equipped on the Legend banner.

  • A melee weapon– Too much witt :

His melee weapon is a golden trophy of himself wearing a king’s robe and crown. The trophy itself represents  “Best Competitor in a Battle Royale – Based on skill, but mostly looks.” This heirloom fits mirage, particularly because of his charming and humorous personality.

  • An intro quip:

An introduction quip of him saying “Excited to see you all in the ring. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of ‘mes’ to go around.”

Mirage in Apex Legends Ranked and Competitive:

Currently, Mirage is almost unused in competitive and barely used in ranked. This is not exactly because his kit is useless but because he does not offer much to the team as his other Legend counterparts. In Apex Legends which is primarily a Team oriented Battle royale game, overall utility to the team is key.

He is still very popular in casual game modes however with a current pick rate of around three per cent. This is mainly due to his shining and charismatic personality which has given him his own cult following. On top of this, he still has a very fun kit to play and nothing is more satisfying than successfully bamboozling someone in the game.


Despite the fact that I had placed him at the bottom of my own apex legends tier list, Mirage is my personal main and one of the most fun Legends to play. No legend in the game is actually unplayable and although there are other legends better than him he is still picked at a healthy rate. This is mainly due to his lovable humour and overall goofiness which has won him over many a crowd.

In conclusion, I believe that although he provides very little team utility he can be very useful at times and is actually underrated in some situations.

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