Finish the game first: Then talk to your mom

It is alright to tell your mom to wait as you finish the game first rather than going afk and coming back to see your entire squad wiped out.

Gaming is at its peak right now, with the number of people and hours increasing drastically over the past year. There will be a small drop after everything calms down, but for most, gaming will be a staple during their spare time.

Over any kind of game, co-op games over the internet are the ones who have seen the sharpest increase of players. In the age of not being able to socialize with anyone physically, any interactive game with another person is a boon. We’ve seen videos and pictures where a Doctor can’t meet his son because of him being in contact with patients. His only way of interacting with his son during his breaks is through a game of Among Us, Fifa or CSGO. 

Finish the game first: Old man gaming
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

Even female girl gamers are on a sharp rise as they see they’re as good, if not better, than men in most games. Everyone is joining the gaming sphere. A guy trying to carry his girlfriend in CSGO or DOTA only to be carried himself or a bunch of mates trying to catch up in a lobby. Everyone is trying to find something to focus on or relax. Everyone is trying to forget the hardship that they are in right now with all the deaths, fires, viruses, etc going on outside.

The fundamental idea of a co-op game is to have a single goal where everyone is trying to achieve as a team or against each other to foil each other’s plan. These teammates might be colleagues, friends, or even family. In games like World Of Warcraft, CSGO, DOTA2 and many other such games, everyone takes a certain role and needs to follow through for the team to succeed. In the heat of the moment, these tasks seem like the most important things for said team to complete.

Now what nagging parents or spouses in today’s day and age do not understand is how our performance in said games can determine others’ perception of us in actual life… well, to some point, it does. For introverts like myself, who seldom give any opinion when at work or in a public setting. One can easily reveal who they are in the heat of the moment during a tough match. How dependent one is, how can you carry yourself as a leader, someone who can follow directions to the point, how much dedication one puts to their crafts, their skills of collecting, processing and disclosing the information to the team with clarity in the split moment of the game. 

These qualities can leave an impression on your team mates which obviously seeps into your offline world. Who you are online can reveal what you can be or what you really are in the actual world outside of gaming. I mean, considering one is not a toxic gamer who screams and pouts at every mistake a team member might make every once in a while. Then it’s better you avoid playing with people you know or consider getting help… seriously, get help.

But for the rest of us, let’s try to leave a good impression on our team mates by making sure we finish the game first. Who knows? Maybe your boss can give you a pay raise if you carry him/her to a higher level.

So being afk (away from keyboard) in the middle of a really important round leaving your team to play with a handicap will obviously have a long-lasting impression that may seep into the offline world if you do it often enough. To clarify, I don’t believe one should dedicate an obscene amount of time to a game while ignoring everything in the offline world. As obsessive behaviour is as much of a detriment to your image as a toxic gamer is, but to balance it out.

In conclusion, sometimes it is ok to ignore your mom’s scream to go close the windows in order to finish the game. Just don’t make a habit of it…and certainly don’t refer to this article or the author if you get a harsh scolding.

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