CSGO Massive Decline in Active Player-base


The last two months saw CSGO massive Decline where the active player base plummeting big time, dropping by 8.77% in May followed by a record 16.75% in June. The numbers were pretty good until January 2021, in part due to Operation Broken Fang, after which it started declining.

The massive changes introduced by Valve on June 4 and the ban waves carried out later seem to be the main cause behind the recent drop in numbers. The pay wall created to access ranked match-making is also the reason some players are leaving the game or switching to other free to play titles. According to SteamCharts, the CSGO player-base averaged 659,888 players during May, which declined to 549,347 average players in June.

SteamCharts Screenshot on CSGO massive Decline

Even with the changes being made to the game, the drop in player numbers is way more than expected. This comes off as a worrying sign for CSGO as it coincides with the success of Valorant. Riot games’s Valorant recently completed it’s first year and had the first LAN tournament in Iceland without any hiccups, drawing a good amount of viewers.

With the Source 2 engine yet to be implemented, it’ll be interesting to see whether CSGO will keep loosing players or it will get better after the initial decline. The PGL Stockholm Major scheduled for October will hopefully improve the numbers for a while, as these events tend to attract more casual players.

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