MasquerAid Cosplay Competition

*Due to unforeseeable circumstances, we have to delay the event until further notice. For any questions, please message, email or contact us in the contact tab of this website*

To celebrate the opening on NEOtakus webzine, we have decided on doing a 2 week online cosplay competition. Along with NEOtakus, Creative Souls the anime merchandise Company will collaborate with us for this event, alongside Shillongtitude, who build our website.

Using this opportunity, we also wanted to use this event to spread awareness about the Corona Virus. How effective the usage of masks, distancing and vaccines are in combating this disease.

So the primary drive for this online event is to assist our front-line workers in any way possible. Whether it is through simply spreading awareness or even through monetary donations which will be explained later.

Photo by Hush Naidoo

Specifications for the competition

The Cosplays can be of any character you wish but will have to be accompanied by a Unique mask which is relevant to the character you’re cosplaying. So the primary focus of the cosplay should be around the mask of the character.

Please note that the character doesn’t have to be a masked character like Kakashi from Naruto, but any character will do but he/she has to wear a unique mask. Use your creativity to make the best mask for the character you’re cosplaying.

Also submit a short 30 sec video of yourself in the cosplay and why you think masks are important and end it with the quote Wear masks and save lives.

Date of the event:

After careful consideration among the team and our supporters, it was decided that the competition will begin accepting submissions on the 8th. This is when people can start making submissions and will close on the 20th June 2021.

Judging Criteria:

There will be 5 judges who will judge the cosplay and the various details. We will mainly judge the cosplayers around:

  • The creativity of the masks and how relevant they are to the character they’re cosplaying.
  • The overall cosplay.
  • The 30 second video of each participant.

The judges will rate each aspect on a simple scale of 1-10 which will then add up to determine the winner of our competition.

Other than the Judges’ panel award, there will also be a people’s choice award. We will upload all the submissions on our Instagram account and Facebook page and the person with the highest votes by the people will get the people’s choice award.

How to submit your entry?

You can send your photos and video to our email [email protected]


Romi Mondal

Romi is a medical doctor by profession for the past 2 years who started cosplaying in 2016. As time goes on, her love for the craft grew as well. But the covid restrictions are making it really tough for her to cosplay nowadays.

She has taken part in many cosplay competitions all over India including NAJ cosfest, Comic Con, Gamer connect, and many more. She has won Gamerconnect, Springfest twice, placed third at NAJ.

Cosplay is the one thing where she can be true to herself and not think too much about what society thinks of her. Cosplay gives her freedom she couldn’t have in any other means or ways.

Abyssal Scar

Garry and Donald officially started cosplaying around 2016 but have had keen interests in Games, comics and Anime even before they knew the term cosplay existed.

Both merged and formed Abyssal Scar Cosplay and have had experiences in making props for music videos, films and also costume commission works. They have won several titles as the famous duo and also as individuals. Including our own event Shangri-La Cosfest organized by NEOtakus.

They have also won Pop Culture Hiroshima, Cherry Blossom Cosplay competition and many more prestigious titles.

Izumi Ralte

Izumi started cosplaying since 2013 as a hobby and since then has gained a lot of notoriety in the cosplay community around Mizoram, northeast and India as a whole. This would be her 9th year of cosplaying and she has only improved further with her skills of costume and prop building.

She won the title for ‘Best role play’ in 2015. Also, a special guest in the cosplay competition within the Shillong Cherry Blossoms fest. She also a stunt/stage performer at cosplay cons all over the region in and around Mizoram. They selected her as an esteemed judge at the 2019 cosplay con organised by Yonko from Mizoram.

Lucy Kaeda Dkhar

Lucy Dkhar, one of, if not the pioneer of cosplay in Meghalaya, has paved the way for the cosplay culture in and around Meghalaya with her countless cosplays over the last decade or more. Her love for cosplay got her to organize Shangri-La Cosplay festival along with a few other members of NEOtakus.

She is primarily known for her armour cosplays and their intricacies. She has opened up the figurine company Creative Souls which provides figurines and merchandise for fellow Otakus everywhere.


The prizes will be a special gift bag provided by Creative Souls and NEOtakus full of fun goodies. No one knows what is in it till after they receive it.

Donation drive

To take advantage of such an event, we wanted to do more than just celebrate but pursue a goal which will help our warriors in the frontline. Although we do want people to only donate when they have enough for their own families and themselves during these perilous times.

So a part of the amount NEOtakus earns till the end of the event will be donated to an organization of our choice which is to the Nazareth Workers Union. The organization mentioned above is registered under the government and keeps an excellent record of their finances.

How to donate to the cause?

Right now, the only method is to donate to the cause through our BuyMeACoffee page which you can go via the following link:

You can also use the Coffee cup on the bottom-right hand side of the website to pay using your UPI or card of your choice. A short tutorial on how to do so on your phone is:

Rules for joining the competition

We didn’t really want to set up too many rules, but think of this as more of a guidance. They are:

  • The pictures and videos should not be explicit in terms of decency.
  • The cosplay doesn’t need to be new as the primary focus is around the creativity of making the mask.
  • Face mask here focuses on the masks covering the mouth as it goes with the event and what it’s trying to achieve. From there, let your creativity run wild.
  • Any decisions made by the organization in terms of disqualification or removal of any participants will be final. The organizers will not entertain any complaints.
  • The judges’ verdict will be final. Again, the organizers will not entertain any complaints during and after the event.
  • We can use any submissions to the competition as promotion for the website, competition, or anything the organization desires.
  • The whole point of this competition is to spread awareness about wearing masks, social distancing and taking the vaccine. So don’t worry too much and just join the competition for the cause and for the enjoyment regardless of how good or bad your costume is 😀

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