Laid Back Camp

Laid Back Camp

Laid Back Camp is surprisingly a really relaxing, feel-good slice of life anime. I did not really expect it to be as enjoyable as it was. The Series started off with One of the Main character, Rin Shima (a solo camper) during one of her solo camping trips, meets Nadeshiko Kagamihara another Main character and a lover of outdoors, sleeping near a campsite office and thats how they are first introduced. As it turns out, the two of them are attending the same school, and Nadeshiko also later joins the outdoors club, which introduces her to Chiaki Oogaki and Aoi Inuyama and their weirdly long and narrow club room. A funny bit is how they all nerd out over camping equipment while lamenting the cost of a lot of it.

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Laid Back Camp
Laid Back Camp

Unlike many major Anime series, where there always seems to be a plot. A consistent storyline that we can follow. Here, it feels as if there is none and we are just following these camping girls on a journey.

The show introduces us to many great characters throughout the series. Their journey of camping teaches us important aspects of friendship and personal growth.

The Anime is like one of those healing type sound playlist where it’s relaxing, easy breathing, mood enhancer and just good vibes all around. Unlike other types of Anime genres where sometimes it takes you as a viewer to have the need to Hydrate from the stress and conflict in the storytelling, this one, as the name suggest is Laid Back. They emphasis on the simplest things, the mundane things in life which we take for granted. From Rin, for example, she teaches the beauty of solitude and the strength of believing in oneself. From Nadeshiko–the beauty of food and just life. Things which we have taken for granted, especially as we chase our never-ending worldly dreams.

The best thing about these Slice of Life Anime is that they seem to have a positive effect on viewers whereby they seem to appeal to a more positive emotions, a more optimistic reality and that is what we actually need more in Life.

The Characters and the character relationship and dynamics is certainly the strong point in Laid Back Camp. Between Rin and Nadeshiko or their acceptance and the blend they have with the other characters in the series, they seem to exude positivity and a natural sense of taking life as is and not complicating it.

The anime mostly revolves around the adventures of life of Rin Shima and Nadeshiko Kagamihara. While Rin seems to be the gentle, shy, introvert and calm person who enjoys being alone and Solo camping to enjoy the solitude of nature in its fullest,  Nadeshiko is the opposite full of life, outgoing, excitable, food lover who makes every bite worth it and ads the spice of excitement to every meal. 

Laid Back Camp
Laid Back Camp Poster

Although they may seem opposite in nature, yet they go along very well. In-fact becomes the kindle that one needs from the other to open up their vision of what camping really means for them and others around them. Nether of them is stuck with their own personality negatively throughout the show. They can adjust to cover others in their warmth as well. Mainly because neither are rigid nor stuck with their trait.

The supporting characters are entertaining to watch as well. Their development is all well and great in supporting an already free from stress anime series. Their antics and their interaction with one another seems real as if it was Myself with My friends hanging out and enjoying conversation and food. Heck, I know that almost all groups of friend also have a drunk sensei who is fun while they are available until they pass out. 

Laid Back Camp
Laid Back Camp

The art direction in Laid-Back Camp is some of the most beautiful in any recent anime. It is really calming and beautifully done that it made me feel like I was there relaxing and shit…. It really complimented the story and purpose of the anime. 

They also did well with the sound. The direction and execution gave the viewers a sense of relaxation and joy that the anime overall did.

I personally recommend such a slice of life anime as a break from life. I kept smiling the whole time from Episode one to Episode twelve of Season 1 as it’s that kind of makes you happy anime. The humour is subtle and there is always something or the other in the Art or dialogue to smile about unless you are really thick.

Laid Back Camp is worth the watch. A solid 9/10 for me as its characters are charming, its artwork is superb, and to watch it is to be immersed in nature without even leaving the house. Laid back camp takes us to the very basic of human emotion and teaches us to go back to the core of human behaviour. A life not complicating so much, without the world and the stress in it. Go camping – Smell the Roses–Enjoy those Momo’s and have a great cup of Chai.

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