Komi Cant Communicate – Episode 5 & 6.

CIS review of ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ – Episode 5.

Komi Cant Communicate has been quite a good anime so far. With Episodes 1-4 giving the audience good storytelling and really well-thought out characters. There is not much to complain about the anime. But a few missed opportunities to solidify the characters and story even more, if I must say. But before we get into that, want to read about the first 4 episodes? You can simply follow the links Ep 1 & 2 and Ep 3 & 4.

In episode 5, the anime starts off on the first day of summer and hence, that means summer uniform. This brought about the frenzy of all admiring Komi and her goddess beauty in said attire.

Komi Cant Communicate Summer Outfits
Komi Cant Communicate Review (c) Tomohito Oda/KCC Production Committee

After the intro, we meet Makeru again -the self proclaim rival of Komi. It so happens to be the fitness test in school and thus the competition begins again. But as expected, Komi wins the entire competition. However, as Komi sprint pass Makeru, she came to a realization of her admiration of Komi. But as she’s approach Komi later after the test; she reached out her hand to approach Komi. But unbeknownst to her about Komi’s situation, who cannot react to shake her hand, concluded on her own a renewed spirit of competitiveness. 

The Anime, in my opinion, really missed out again on fully using Makeru’s character to the benefit of storytelling. This small fitness test could have been a standalone episode on its own. And, for all future instances, a mini-story that could serve as fillers to the Anime. However, as they rushed this part of the story and really did not work on how each test of fitness played out. They just showed the defeat of Makeru like a sequence in a comic strip. It was a wasted opportunity.

Komi Cant Communicate Rivalry
Komi Cant Communicate Review (c) Tomohito Oda/KCC Production Committee

They could have made it hilarious with extreme expressions and art work. Understand what could have taken placed as Komi defeats Makeru. Yadano Makeru could have been a main character in the Anime because she is actually a good solid character. But it feels that she is forcibly demoted to a side or extra character. Simply because the animators could not utilise her potential fully.

Coming back to the Anime, In the afternoon, Tadano and Najimi visits Komi’s home. Here we meet Komi’s mother, who is opposite to Komi’s introvertness. The mother introduces herself as being a 17-year-old at heart. There are a few events that happen thanks to Najimi’s cunningness that offered a few laughable moments. Especially since they were in Komi’s home. But the most interesting thing about this event is how it was another step taken by Komi to challenge herself and her anxiety. She even surprised the mother when she asked for a photo frame to put up supposedly the photo Najimi candidly taken while they were there.

Komi Cant Communicate mom
Komi Cant Communicate Review (c) Tomohito Oda/KCC Production Committee

The next day in school, we can see another growth in Komi where she suggested they go to a Ramen shop. It is important to note that for a person with social anxiety as extreme as Komi’s, to be part of a gathering or social situation is hard enough. But to be the one suggesting an activity is an enormous leap of progress in her battle with anxiety. This is possible, even in real life. A person who isolates or is an introvert or have the similar social anxiety as that of Komi’s can get through it and come out of it. If they have a consistent and reliable support system around them.

In Komi’s example, a stable lifestyle that is supported by her friends as a support system has given her the courage and ability to move beyond just taking part. She starts to even suggest an activity, thereby taking the lead. It’s quite an achievement and believable too. Appreciation has to be given to how the progression takes place in the story-telling process by the animators.

Komi Cant Communicate weird girl
Komi Cant Communicate Review (c) Tomohito Oda/KCC Production Committee

We are then to meet Nakanaka Omahuru, a Chunni girl through and through who is another interesting character. She is in fact another socially awkward character but hides it by acting out like some grandiose character from a fantasy world she created. This phenomenon is not so uncommon, especially with children and young teens whose imagination is still untarnished by reality. Who are acting out to counter either an embarrassing situation, an uncomfortable emotion or their own self worth. Individuals usually grow out of this, but it can manifest itself in many forms at any age. We can loosely term it as a sort of defence mechanism of the individual. 

The scene at the gym where Nakanaka utilise this behaviour to convince herself of an uncomfortable situation is chillingly too real. But this is where we also see Komi’s growth, where she steps in and became the escape that Nakanaka needs.

Komi Cant Communicate more weird girl
Komi Cant Communicate Review (c) Tomohito Oda/KCC Production Committee

For the audience that keeps waiting for romance between Komi and Tadano, there is a delightful scene at the end. Najimi steals Tadano’s umbrella and finds Komi waiting to share an umbrella with him. What transpired in this minor scene and will leave some with a warm fuzzy feeling and leaves us with much more expectation of what’s coming.

Overall, this 5th Episode of Komi can’t Communicate was a good one, not without its flaws and missed opportunities, but it kept me entertained enough to wait for the next episode.

Komi Cant Communicate Review (c) Tomohito Oda/KCC Production Committee

CIS review of ‘Komi Can’t Communicate’ – Episode 6.

We saw in the 5th Episode of Komi can’t Communicate that it was one Not without its flaws. While it was a nice decent episode, the missed opportunity to capitalise on a character is still on my mind. 

Episode 6th started off directly with some great art and animation. They stuck to their storyline and made a consistent episode, as we all expect. But, “is that really good enough?” is what I keep thinking after this 6th episode.

making plans
Komi Can’t Communicate Review (c) Tomohito Oda/KCC Production Committee

The Anime series has already introduced us to many interesting characters so far and it continues to do so even in this one. All are funny, weird character type that I like in such easygoing type anime series. It tickles your funny bone and ticks all the boxes. But, time and time again, I kept having the need to rethink of the characters, which is surprising because they are great character types. So why aren’t their names and faces sketched in my memory? I think it is those missed opportunities I was referring to. While Komi is the main protagonist and the world revolves around her, the animators under-utilisation of the other supporting characters kind of makes it feel a bit lackluster. These characters who, in their own right, have the capacity to do more. This made the character development and progression very abrupt and unable to captivate.

It’s not like the anime itself was bad, nor does it have a poor supporting cast. But they quickly become too forgettable in my opinion.

Komi Can’t Communicate Review (c) Tomohito Oda/KCC Production Committee

In episode 6th, they will push the audiences a little to like this one. It’s not a bad episode, but it’s not a memorable one as it feels the same as the other episodes. Especially in terms of storytelling, with nothing much changing in the Anime’s progression and its characters.

I enjoyed though the insertion of a few laugh out loud scenes and dialogues in this episode. As to be honest, it’s not so bad if you are already a viewer who is invested in the anime. The scene, for example, where they were planning to go shopping and Agari remarked when asked if she wanted to join by Najimi, “Walkies for your dog” made me surprised laugh, almost spilling my drink I had. And a similar dialogue where in the department store, Yamai said to Tadano, “enough with the virgin excuses…” is also one where I find my comic relief. 

Komi Can’t Communicate Review (c) Tomohito Oda/KCC Production Committee

Episode 6 is not so bad but not a memorable one either, it’s okay for a mid type storytelling episode. 

If there is one important scene in the Episode is when they showed how Overanalysing a situation can lead to nothing but negativity. As Komi is a person with extreme social anxiety, it is common for her to do so. Even if a positive event had taken place, a person with extreme social anxiety would just naturally over analyse every thing. Every speech, every action, every verbal and nonverbal behaviour, and every “what ifs” that could have occurred. They would only be driven deeply into insane thoughts and unrealistic expectations, which would only add-on and caused more anxiety to the individual. It’s surprisingly known behaviour even to the person who does it. But it’s also an automatic type of action/behaviour and to get out of such behaviour, one needs help from trained professionals. 

Komi Can’t Communicate Review (c) Tomohito Oda/KCC Production Committee

Overall, Komi can’t Communicate episode 6 is good enough for me as I can identify with the issues that Komi has and I can relate to the surrounding situation. Also, the detailed comedy factor that’s slyly inserted now and then, either with dialogues or with the artwork, is something that I like in such type of anime series. I’m just looking forward to more weird behaviour of the cast.

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