I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level Review

I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years

I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level is an anime that follows Azusa Aizawa. Azusa is a working slave basically who lives a painful life as an office worker and ends up dying from over-exhaustion at work. She finds herself reincarnated in another magical world of swords and magic. There is only one season of the anime available as far as I know containing 12 episodes, so here is my review of it.

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Introduction to I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level

I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level
Photo(c): Kisetsu Morita/Revoroot

I realise there is a lot of Anime that is usually about overworking individuals reincarnated into a magical world. While this is usually ignored, I wonder if it’s a cry for help by workers all over the world. Even here, in Home Sweet Home there is bitterness in the daily lives of workers who are bonded office labourers with low wages and non-existing workers’ rights. An Anime I reviewed earlier called Aggretsuko, while it’s not a reincarnation story, is also about a worker who struggles and is trying to find peace and an outlet.

For the protagonist of that Anime, she found refuge in death metal music, but not everyone can be so lucky. As someone who loves anime for the beauty of animation and storytelling, I found plenty of anime that deals with escaping the stress of working life and entering a fantasy world where they are the heroes of their own destiny. But sadly, it doesn’t matter even if we see and realise the need for reforms, there will be no change. The Ruling Class will always dominate the Working Class.

In I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years and maxed out my level, Azusa ends up in a magical world with special abilities to not age nor die. In this New World, she vows to live her life as peaceful and as stress-free as she can and does not want to be reminded of her previous life. As such, she spent her days tending to her farm and lives a comfortable life but she also kills slimes daily to earn a living.

Now it is funny to note that she kills exactly 25 slimes a day for three centuries. This is probably a remnant behaviour of her past life to work diligently and meet targets. However, in doing so she earns points on her stats and after doing this monotonous killing of the slimes for three centuries she manages to reach level 99 which is the maximum possible level.

Anime Characters and storyline

I’ve been killing slimes for 300 years
Photo(c): Kisetsu Morita/Revoroot

As someone who is now the strongest being alive, Azusa is soon faced with the fact that she can no longer live her slow relaxing lifestyle. She then is introduced to various other characters like the dragon Laika and the elf Halkara and others who usually end up being her friend after she either defeats them or by sheer luck. But as the Anime closes to the end, you will find that Azusa, also finds that she can live a happy and far better life with others as well and that her growing family can always do with a few more members.

In the Anime, the fact that each character is different from one another adds to the possibilities of multiple plots emerging and as such different Adventures that can happen.

Azusa for example apart from being the strongest character with the ultimate powers is also compassionate and protective of her family of strangers who end up with her. Her ability to befriend anybody and her strength to defeat all enemies is something that acts as a pillar of the anime.

Laika is the first challenger who was defeated by Azusa. She is a 300-year-old dragon who can also shape-shift to a human and becomes the first addition to Azusa’s family.

Halkara is from an elf descendant. She is a kind of pharmacist expert in medicines and herbs potions, But this character is the typical anime heavy build, accident-prone type that is supposed to attract certain types of audience. She may be a genius in her knowledge of mushrooms but that’s not where the attention is.

Falfa & Shalsha, are twin sisters born out of the slimes creatures that Azusa killed for a living. As the reincarnation of the slime spirits, Falfa considers Azusa her mother while Shalsha needed some persuasion on the matter.

Beelzebub is another interesting character. Her first interaction with the Witch Azusa was made because of Halkara’s mistaken information but she becomes a part of the family circle as well and aids Azusa in any situation.

Flatorte is another dragon girl character. She meets Azusa as she was trying to disrupt Laika’s sister’s wedding  She belongs to the Blue dragon while Laika is Red but circumstances made her a subordinate to Azusa and eventually a part of their family.

Apart from the “Family”, there are many other minor characters who play a pivotal role in the anime. But as for season 1, this is so far the Family Circle of the Witch Azusa.


My final thoughts are that the anime is nicely done. It’s not maybe an anime that one can remember forever but it’s good enough to kill off your boredom. The friendly art style and animation are also easy on the eyes.  The comical dialogues are funny enough but not the rolling on the ground funny rather, the funny bits are in the twist and turns of the story plot and the dialogues that accompany them. As an anime with the potential for many more relaxing adventures, it is one to have on the list. Hopefully, season two can bring us much more fun adventures as the character list is good enough to explore different storylines and great characters for cosplay, to be honest.

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