Mr. Wax’s Webtoons: Diving into his mind

A sketch by Mr. Wax

Anyone who has heard of Tower of God or God of Highschool knows about the existence of a lil’ thing called Webtoons/webcomics. But for those who aren’t familiar with these terms, basically, they’re comics on the web. Mostly present in platforms like Webtoons, Toomics, Tapas and a number of other such platforms. It is one of the fastest growing platforms for entertainment and will only get bigger as the years go by. Today we will be talking to a local Webtoon artist who goes by the name Mr. Wax. He has made quite the impression on many artists and fans everywhere. This is an interview about Mr Wax’s Webtoons and him as a person.

Mr Wax's Webtoon
Ocean In Me (c) Mr Wax’s Webtoon

His webcomics are beautifully made with some intense thought provoking substance to go along with his gorgeous art. This interview will be an introduction to who he is and what he does. Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll stop sleeping on his work and see how good it is.   

Anyway Mr. Wax, Welcome to our humble studio… Though we’re only doing this online. So can you tell us a bit about yourself? 

So as you mentioned above I go by the name “Mr. Wax” which was a dumb nickname given to me by my school friends. But then as I started my journey of posting art online I started using this name more frequently. Now it’s like a brand name for me.
And I am from West Bengal, India. As for how and why I started making webcomics, well I had this natural talent in drawing ever since I was a kid and I started making webcomics. When I was in class 9, I made a one chapter comic (manga) in a traditional format for which I got a lot of appreciation for. You can say that it was the initial encouragement that I needed and since then I have been making webcomics regularly, though I’m yet to complete any of the 4 stories that I’ve made.
Mr Wax's Webtoon
(c) Mr Wax’s Webtoon

Haha, I think a lot of artists have that problem of leaving things mid way.

So I was introduced to your work through IWC 2021, I really knew nothing about the webcomic world in India which surprised me to see the submissions there. I think IWC is doing a brilliant job with the upbringing of talented Webcomic artists here.

Absolutely they are doing an incredible job of building a healthy community. And with such competitions, it boosts the experience of the artist and gives them a firsthand taste of how it is like to work in this field with a deadline. I would just wish that some big YouTuber or influencer help them someday as it is hard for them to reach out to a larger audience who are interested in making webcomics.

It’s always great to have the little nudge towards success. So what inspired you to make the comics that you’re making right now?

So right now I am working on two comics (The Ocean in Me and Singularity) and both stories were inspired from my personal experience in this world. I am just using my protagonists to share my experience with this world creatively and leave a legacy or imprint on this world so that when I get older, I can observe it or someone else can observe it as a piece of art.

Ocean in Me is my favourite from all your stuffs. Maybe because it’s a subject we’ve all gone through in some shape or form.

Mr Wax's Webtoon
(c) Mr Wax’s Webtoon

Anyway, in your other works like The Adventures of Zero, it feels the designs are very 7 deadly sins Nakaba Suzuki kinda vibe. Or am I looking too deeply into it and it’s just a generic design?

So The adventures of Zero was my first comic which I made when I was 15 and at that time I was just trying to make something like Tokyo ghoul or Naruto, that’s the reason it was so generic as for the designs it was more inspired from Naruto than 7 deadly sins.

Really? I guess I looked too deeply into it indeed… heh heh. So speaking of Mangas and all, what’s your all-time favourite manga anyway?

Favourite manga? hmmmmm, I’d definitely have to choose Fire Punch.

I wonder how many people will guess the right answer for the quiz we’re going to have…

For your first work, you did it only on paper while the rest seems to be digitally. How different is the work-flow?

I find it better and faster to draw on my smartphone as I can give a more perfect work out there in less time, but working with paper is a really wonderful experience too. I still sometimes draw some art on paper, I don’t know why but I do that it’s just the experience is really good.
Mr Wax's Webtoon
(c) Mr Wax’s Webtoon

Do you think you’ll ever go back to using paper? For a whole series that is, and not just some illustrations here and there.

Yeah, maybe if I get some high quality traditional art equipment and a set of Copic marker then I would love to make a colored manga or short story using it.

That sounds interesting, I bet it’ll come out awesome only. But how was the transition to digital art or were you already very familiar with the drawing tabs and all? 

I actually haven’t tried drawing tablets or screen tablet, I use my smartphone (Asus zenfone m2) to draw as I am still pursuing it as a hobby. So in the beginning it was really hard to transition to digital medium I used to trace art a lot. But then gradually I got used to this small screen and eventually I am here with my artworks.
Mr Wax's Webtoon
(c) Mr Wax’s Webtoon

Wait, firstly… you do this as a hobby? And secondly… you did everything on your phone? damn bruh!! I remember when I bought my drawing tab just to learn a bit of sketching; I didn’t think it’ll feel so different sketching on a tab. Any advices for me on that front?

Watch YouTube videos related to digital artworks and learn composition, perspective and color theory. Also, do this exercise of drawing spirals and straight line at least 15 to 30 minutes before starting your actual drawing. It will give you good line control and within a few months you will become a decent artist.
Personally that’s what I did with all the free time I had during lockdown and lastly I would say that “There’s no better Place to practice your techniques than battlefield.” -I don’t know whether or not it’s a quote.

Spiral and straight line exercises, you say? Cool, I’ll definitely try that out. Do you think, with everyone having the internet, makes it easier to thrive as an artist who does comics and illustrations or maybe even harder with all the competition around?

Whilst I think that having internet is an enormous advantage for anyone who wants to earn through his/her talent. But then I also think that it demands for an insane amount of hard work with not only your talent but with the knowledge of handling social media too. I guess a lot of talented artists get buried or undiscovered because of the algorithm. The only solution for that is that people should support each other as much as possible.
Mr Wax's Webtoon
Chainsaw Man…but not his all time favourite Manga 😀
(c) Mr Wax’s Webtoon

I guess we all have to pray to the goddess of SEO to bless us with views. Regardless of whether one is an artist or one has a startup magazine.

There is a new app coming up called Sutra which is supposed to be the Webtoon of India. You think you’ll be carrying your work over to that platform? 

Oh, I didn’t know about it… I will probably contact them and see whether they find my work interesting enough to add on their list.

Speaking of that, especially as someone who is young, what do you think of the current space in India for artists like yourself?

I think India needs a lot more artist than writers because there are just so many stories but not enough people who are talented artists. So I think that there’s a big scope for artists in future if those writers actually become professional writers. So yeah, there’re big chances of growth in India but it will take some good amount of time.

By the way, in your latest webtoon, Ocean in me, is it based on your own experiences?

Yeah, it was based upon my own views on love, and the sense of self as a matter of fact the characters Waqar and Wahib both were me representing an individual trait of my own character. I would like to continue that story and showcase more of my views on other topics like God, meaning of life, and basically leave a philosophical work out there.
Mr Wax's Webtoon
(c) Mr Wax’s Webtoon

Yeah, I think this latest webtoon really stood out from all your work. At least personally, I felt the work was well thought of and the art, it’s so good. How many chapters are you planning on releasing with this one? 

As of now, I don’t know, maybe around 50 or something? But I will release it on a monthly basis and to be honest it was the most honest work I have put out there. As of now so I would hope people will read it and love it. 

Like you said before, it’s all about whether they even see it. But it is definitely really good. At least from my eyes of an amateur.

Do you have any advice for anyone who wants to get into doing comics/mangas/webtoons? Like something you wish you knew back when you first started this journey?

Just get started, I really mean it. Starting is the toughest part of it all. This is an age of smartphone and internet, I got my personal smartphone after 18 and here I am 19 years old and learnt so much. Other people have the opportunity to get a smartphone even before 16 in this day and age.
All I would tell them is “Trial and error” is the best way to grow but yeah don’t leave your education for this though. Your education should be your first priority in your teenage but start investing time in making webcomics after you are done studying.

As always, we want to make a spotify/Youtube Music playlist full of songs from the cosplayers and artists we interview. What would be the one song you’d recommend we add to our playlist? And why? 

I actually like k-pop songs which are something most people don’t like. I would suggest Runaway by Got7 is a really good song. I am suggesting this song because it gives a kind of escapism in a good way to me. It doesn’t have to mean that I am running away with my lover, but more like I am running away with all my hard work and internal chaos to an imaginary world where I can create something with those two.

For our last question… if Mr. Wax can be anything or anyone else, who would you be?… In that world, what would you be?

A lone bird so that I could travel around the world alone and witness its beauty in different places.
Mr Wax's Webtoon
(c) Mr Wax’s Webtoon

So thank you so so sooooo very much for letting us have this interview with you, before we end this interview, if there is anything you want to say? Maybe you want to plug in a link to a project you’re doing? Or just tell people to support something you like, anything really… please tell us now.

I would like it if anyone who is inspired to create something. It can be anything… a movie or webcomic and work on it as a hobby first and see whether it’s really the thing they want to do or not. Lastly, I would really appreciate it if you follow me on my social handles.

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