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Harley Quinn Rheality Lapse

In this week’s artists interview, we have one of the Queens of Cosplay on this side of the hemisphere, Rheality Lapse! Her skills with makeup are one above the rest and we can easily see it through her many posts on her various social media handles. She also has a strong following of over 14,000 followers on her Facebook page alone and it is only growing.

Interviewer: Welcome to our humble studio. So other than our short intro, tell us a bit about yourself.

“Hi I am Rhea, also known as Rheality Lapse! I have been cosplaying since 2011. My cosplay journey has been full of ups and downs, but mostly it has been an exceptional learning experience.”
Rheality Lapse Maleficient
Rheality Lapse Credits: kuntalguptaphotography

Interviewer: so it’s been 10 years since you started? Wow… I remember seeing you on Facebook in 2016-17 and your cosplays blew me away. But what got me to chat with you was when I saw you with the whole Girlaxy. I don’t see it anymore though, what happened to that whole thing?

“I have very fond memories of being a part of Girlaxy. However, I had just taken up a job in a gaming firm and had no time to practice league anymore, so sadly, the team and I decided that it was best for me to step down and go our separate ways.”

Interviewer: That must’ve been tough for everyone involved.

“Definitely was.”

Interviewer: You know, we’re still so grateful you came and judged for our events on such short notice. But speaking of live events, how do you feel about not being able to attend any live events for what feels like… forever already?

“I will keep this answer short and to the point: IT IS KILLING ME! I miss seeing the wonderful new talents and catching up with old buddies. The crowd was always marvelous at your events so definitely miss that!”
Rheality Lapse Shangri-la cosfest

Interviewer: When I came to the cosplay event you guys hosted in Kolkata, I was really surprised at the level of cosplays in Kolkata with cosplayers like Romi (Maybe we’ll interview her as well *wink wink*) and all…but why is it that there aren’t any big cosplay events in Kolkata though?

“This is mostly because we lack big events like comic con perhaps. But there are events like gamerconnect and nerdmeet that are much more up and personal. With the pandemic we don’t have any events happening anywhere. Keeping our fingers crossed for things to start going back normal soon!”

Interviewer: So tell us your cosplay journey, like who inspired you and all? Just a brief cosplay story of Rheality Lapse!

“My inspiration to cosplay came out of love of my favourite character; Diva from Blood+ manga. I have cosplayed her twice already but want to keep attempting her cosplay till I am satisfied with it!”
Visual from the anime (c) Chizu Hashii/ Blood+ Production Committee

Interviewer: oh my god, it’s so nostalgic talking about Blood+. Also, if not mistaken, you’re a certified Make-up artist, right? Did you get into make-up after experimenting with cosplay, or cosplay came with the skills in make-up?

“You got that right; I got into make-up AFTER I got interested in cosplay. You see, make-up is a very important part of cosplay and I wanted to get professionally trained in it. I won’t say I am the best at it, rather I am still learning.”

Interviewer: what is the one thing that you can’t forget… over the 10 years in the Indian cosplay world, the one thing that will forever stay with you?

“I’ll never forget the first time anyone recognized my character without me introducing it to them! That is a bigger award than any prizes I’ve received till now.”

Interviewer: That is such a good answer, got goosebumps. Moving on, you’ve judged and hosted several events all over India. What do you think is the one thing that is so problematic as a cosplayer? I mean for youngsters and all getting in cosplay now.

“I feel the most challenging things cosplayers face right now is cyber bullying from other fellow cosplayers. Obviously, most of the community is united but there are some notorious for shaming others for use of make-up or Photoshop. There is no wrong way to cosplay, so I find it really idiotic to see someone policing newcomers on what is cosplay and what it is not.
And because social media has more reach than ever, newcomers gain high praise but on the other hand become vulnerable to unsolicited attacks. Cosplay is an art and art can be interpreted in many ways. Some people need to drill that into their heads.”
Rheality Lapse
Rheality Lapse Credits: Nikhil Pardesi

Interviewer: When we were hanging out, I remember in one of our conversations; you said you love psychology as a subject and often read up on the topic. You like getting into the minds of other people huh?

“Lmao more like I enjoy getting in my own head and messing things up. But on a serious note, the mind is a very complex maze, and I am mostly lost in my own… let alone get lost in someone else’s.”

Interviewer: Since we’re on this topic, give us your top 3 best psychological anime/comics/shows or books… I’m sure we’d all love to watch or read something new and interesting.

Rheality Lapse Brazil
Brazil (1985)
“I haven’t watched many anime or shows lately but my favourite psychological anime will probably always be Death Note. A psychological show I loved to watch was Black Mirror and a psychological movie I really admired was Brazil (1985 movie).”

Interviewer: Never seen Brazil… will definitely have to watch it. Going back to the make-up topic, people seem to have this misconception that make-up isn’t as vital for a cosplay to work or not. Your opinion?

“ummm what? Cosplay and make-up go hand in hand. I’d say make-up is 50% of what the cosplay constitutes… Well, this obviously depends on the cosplay too. But if one does not have the means to afford make-up they can always go with a bare face As long as they are happy with the tribute they are paying to the character they cosplay, no one should judge.”

Interviewer: What is your advice to anyone who wants to learn make-up?

“I’d say start with YouTube tutorials, there is so much content out there! There are amazing cosplayers like Akanksha Cosplay and Medha.vi who have aced their game in not just costumes but also cosplay. Do follow such artists, observe their content and you will learn a lot from their works!”
Emma Frost
Credits: kuntalguptaphotography

Interviewer: I remember when I cosplayed like 5 years ago… didn’t know how makeup works and I just ended up using normal paint on my face, which didn’t disappear for days after. It was just me with a black face for the next week after T_T
But I think I was too scared to even ask for help because being a guy means make-up is a bit embarrassing. At least that’s what I thought… I wonder if other people feel that way.

“So sorry you had such an experience but full marks to you for trying! As for how things are for guys, or any gender for that matter, things have definitely changed for the better. In the cosplay community itself, people are much more inclusive of people putting make-up on themselves and is also encouraged!”
Credits: Selfie

Interviewer: Every artist we invited, we tell them to recommend a song for our Spotify/YouTube Music NEOtakus Artist playlist. What would be the one song you’d recommend we add to our playlist? And why?

“I would recommend the song ‘Wind’ from Naruto. Because “reflection of fear makes shadows of nothing.”

Interviewer: For our last question… if you can be anything or anyone else, who would you be?… In that world, what would you be?

“I’d love to be Kitty Pryde from X men Evolution. She has been my childhood crush and I guess her ability to phase through walls calls out to the escapist in me haha”
Rheality Lapse AOT

So thank you so so sooooo very much for letting us have this interview with you, before we end this interview, if there is anything you want to say? Maybe you want to plug in a link to a project you’re doing? Or just tell people to support something you like, anything really… please tell us now.

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity. It was a pleasure talking to you guys and shout out to NEOtakus. And you can follow my trash Instagram page Rheality Lapse

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