Indian Webcomic Competition 2021: Results are out!

A competition that started all the way from February 6th of this year and ended by the end of May has finally come to a close. Indian Webcomic finally released the results of the event on their website and it is such an interesting line up. They had 45 participants who submitted to the event which was being judged by the esteemed artist Kapi Workshop.

So IWC divides the whole competition into different categories. Namely,

  • Most Gripping Story
  • Most Epic Story
  • Most Laughs Story
  • Most Feels Story

So the winner of each category gets the recognition as the winner of IWC 2021. Along with this, they also got an amount of Rs 1500. The runner-up also gets a prize of Rs 1000 for the efforts they put into their comic. They also will have their comics up on the website as a way to acknowledge them winning the competition for as long as the website is still up and thriving.

There is definitely a lot of effort put into this competition by the people behind IWC. And seeing the winners and their work definitely shows it as they continue to inspire more and more artists to try this new art form of making webtoons.

Finding you by Anukriti kumar

Talking about IWC deserves another article by itself, so let’s us go back to the winners of this competition. Starting off with the Most Feels Category where “One summer” by Sakshi Sorya took the first prize with a really engaging yet simple story of Ayaka-chan going through her daily tasks, making friends, getting into the nerves of everyone and them on hers and finally learning to forgive and moving on. The Second prize went to Anukriti Kumar with her beautifully drawn comic from her own life. Her college days of falling in love with a Singer of a popular band. We are definitely anticipating the second chapter on her webtoon account.

One Summer by Sakshi Sorya

On the next category of Most Laughs Category, we have the ever funny Sheemics with the comic Salty Sugars. Read them and I promise it won’t just be a few chuckles or a subtle exhale of air through your nose kinda humour.

Salty Sugars by Sheemics

In the Most Epic Category, we have the “Fall start” by Aditya Parulker taking the first prize and rightly so. The comic had action, jokes, and overall a good story to follow. We just want to know when will they meet the Asuras again. The second runner up falls to two authors, namely,  Curse of Abaddon” by Satadal sengupta and Rahul das and Aarambh” by yellow orange comics. And the art in these submissions leaves me in awe.

Fall start by Aditya Parulker

And finally, in the Most Gripping Category, Ocean in me” by Md. Waqar Ahmed winning the first prize. Being someone who just recently went through a tough breakup, I can definitely say this story connected to me on a spiritual level. I continue waiting every day to follow this really really engaging story. The runner-up for this category is “Moonlight” by Raunak Panday and Was it or It was” by Shirsha Bhattacharya.

Ocean in Me by Md. Waqar Ahmed

Congrats to Indian Webcomic community and we will follow the scene as much as possible. We will be giving an in-dept review of each of these webtoons, so look forward to that. Join our Mailing list below to get notifications when we do.

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