IEM Cologne- S1mple Sets New Record as NaVi Sweep G2 3-0 in the Finals

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Natus Vincere(NaVi) maintain their dominance as they clean sweep G2 esports 3-0 at the IEM Cologne finals. Seeing the incredible performance by CS-GO star player S1mple through out the tournament, this just had to happen. S1mple just got one of his highest career ratings ever at a whopping 1.52 across the tournament.

Interesting Fact: NaVi beat G2 esports with the same score of 3-0 at the last LAN tournament before the covid pandemic hit the world, at IEM Katowice 2020.

G2’s main guy NiKo had some of his own moments in the final, but it just wasn’t enough. Overall, it was an exciting showdown between the 2 high rated players. Even then, S1mple is the talk of the town after his good run, almost overshadowing all other players in the two rosters.

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IEM Cologne- Grand Final

Na’Vi got the first map pick advantage and chose Dust2. They took an early lead, winning the first 5 rounds. G2 hit back after this by taking a few consecutive rounds putting the score at 8-7, behind by only 1. This didn’t prove enough as s1mple put in a show of strength afterwards that included an amazing ace. He finished off with 30 kills, winning his team the first game.

The second game started off with G2 picking Mirage. The first half was almost a repeat of the last set ending with 8-7. G2 then proceeded to take the lead for some time, again losing it as they went head to head on a very thrilling race to the last round which saw the lead constantly changing hands. NiKo put in an amazing performance with 30 kills, but couldn’t win his team the game as NaVi put in a surprise attack in the end, winning the last round and setting the score at 2-0.

Nuke was the choice for third map, which again saw a close competition between the two teams. NiKo put in a heroic pistol round in between, giving G2 a much needed release, but an unsuccessful force buy from G2 ended up with NaVi tying the game at 10-10.

Credits: HLTV

G2 were looking strong again with JACKZ putting in a few good desert eagle plays. In the 14th round, a delayed bomb plant from G2 proved to be a fatal mistake that gave NaVi the edge. Taking full advantage of that, NaVi took the game 16-13, clean sweeping their opponents and winning the IEM Cologne tournament.

Although the loss will be disappointing for G2, they can be happy over their improved form and hope for even better days ahead. With CS-GO returning to LAN, which is the best team is pretty clear. We’ll get to see NaVi and s1mple in action again pretty soon at ESL Pro League Season 14.

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