IEM Cologne 2021 to be the first CS-GO LAN tournament in over 16 months

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CS-GO is finally returning to LAN after 16 months with the upcoming IEM Cologne. The last such event was IEM Katowice, which took place before the first covid wave hit the world back in February last year. Even that event had to be converted into a studio competition without live audience mid tournament due to the new protocols being laid out. Since then, all the top competitive CS-GO tournaments have been held online.

IEM Cologne 2021

The IEM Cologne is all set to take place as a studio event without live audience. The event will take place between 6th-18th July, 2021. We’ll get to see 24 teams fight it out for the huge 1 million USD prize pool on offer. The event will consist of 8 directly qualified teams along with 16 teams who will be fighting through the play-in stages to move ahead.

Play-in Stage

This stage will be the first in the tournament and will take place from 6-7 July, with only 8 of the 16 teams making it through to the next stage.The Play-In’s will follow a double elimination format, with all the opening matches being a single game decider.

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Group Stage

The group stages will take place from 8-11 July. 16 teams will be divided into two groups of 8 teams each. All the matches played will be in a best-of-three series and both the groups will face a double-elimination bracket.

The Qualification Process:

  • The two teams that win their respective groups will directly advance to the semifinals.
  • The runners-up will advance to the quarterfinals as the High Seeds.
  • The teams that take the third position will also advance to the quarterfinals, but as the Low Seeds.


The final stages will take place from 16-18 July. All matches will follow the single elimination format and will be a best-of-three series except the grand finale, which will be a five game face-off.

Prize Pool

  • 1st Place: $ 400,000 USD, 1,800 ESL Points, and 3,200 BLAST Points
  • 2nd Place: $ 180,000 USD, 1,400 ESL Points, and 1,600 BLAST Points
  • 3rd-4th Place: $ 80,000 USD, 1,100 ESL Points, and 1,000 BLAST Points
  • 5th-6th Place: $ 40,000 USD, 825 ESL Points, and 400 BLAST Points
  • 7th-8th Place: $ 24,000 USD, 575 ESL Points, and 200 BLAST Points
  • 9th-12th Place: $ 16,000 USD, and 325 ESL Points
  • 13th-16th Place: $ 10,000 USD, and 125 ESL Points
  • 17th-20th Place: $ 4,500 USD, and 60 ESL Points
  • 21th-24th Place: $ 2,500 USD

Apart from IEM Cologne 2021, the first event with live audience after the pandemic will take place later this year. The event, IEM Winter 2021, is scheduled to take place from 2-12 December in Asia.


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