IEM Cologne 2021 Playoffs to Start Today, G2 v NaVi at the Finals?

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The IEM Cologne group stages saw a lot of major upsets take place, with the playoffs starting today, the face-off between the 6 qualified teams will surely keep spectators glued to the screen as nothing can be predicted.

Out of all the teams, G2 and NaVi are two that have had incredible performances in the tournament, impressing fans all over. Seeing this, many people are speculating on a G2 versus NaVi final. Both the teams are on fire and if they are to go head to head at the finals, it’ll make for a very thrilling watch and an exciting finish to the tournament.

Group Stage Results

  • Group A winner: G2
  • Qualifying spots: Gambit, VP
  • Group B winner: Natus Vincere
  • Qualifying spots: Astralis, FaZe Clan

IEM Cologne 2021- The Playoffs Schedule

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Team Astralis’s performance hasn’t been upto the mark this year and they also lost their strongest player in the form of dev1ce. They are to play in the first quarter final, whose performance has also declined recently after a good run in the online season. The winner among the two will face a strong looking G2 in the semi final on Saturday.

The quarter and semi finals are going to be BO-3 while the Grand final is going to be a BO-5.

On the second quarter final, Gambit has a tough match up with FaZe Clan. Gambit is being seen as the favorites for this one, but whichever team wins has to face NaVi with s1mple and electronic looking really dominant. At this point, NaVi is clearly being seen by many as the favorites to win the tournament.

If we are to believe fan predictions, favorites and odds, G2 and NaVi meeting at the grand final seems the most probable. Featuring NiKo and S1mple, it makes a very exciting prospect and after the end of the long online run, both rosters will surely give a 100% to win the first major LAN trophy after a long time. Nothing can be said for sure however, as we have often witnessed good teams falter under pressure and major upsets take place, some within this tournament itself.

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Source: HLTV, Rivalry

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