I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying

This short anime available on Crunchyroll is funny, witty and really naughty. I Can’t Understand What My Husband Is Saying left me wanting more.

With two seasons available, 3 minutes for each episode, it’s different from the other anime series I’ve seen so far. As a novice anime enthusiast, and a lover of anime art and culture, this anime had everything. It was refreshing and honestly well made.

The show

The series revolves around Two main character- one a normal office worker and the other an Otaku. And also, they are married to each other. This weird combination made the anime series funny but real. 

It honestly had some real life connections with the two odd pairs. Them making serious life decisions whilst adjusting to each other quirks and differences is a joy to watch.

While each episode is under 3 minutes, they actually captivate my imagination with the likes of the much longer anime out there. I found myself clicking next as soon as one brief episode ended. The married couple took me along with them on this simple journey they had together. Suddenly realising how you became a part of their circle. You cannot help but appreciate what the creators were able to do with the story.

The supporting casts are as weird, witty and as crazy as the major characters. This only pushes the series further in terms of enjoyment. Also, no it’s not so PC and I can’t help but love it.

Scene from the show

The choice of making it Moe style of art is a major factor that made this work beautifully. Because it mainly targets a more adult audience, there are many adult jokes or themes within and it was hilarious. Maybe it is a mix of different styles within which I as a rookie in anime culture cannot point out.

All in all, it was a fun ride and my appreciation to the creators of the series. They were able to send out an important message to the audience, and that is no matter how different two individuals are and no matter how different your interest are, you can still be in a healthy relationship.

If you are into mature comedy which is witty and quirky, then I highly recommend watching it.

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