5G Gaming: The Game changer… Literally.

5G indian express

5G, the next big thing for the mobile network industry is going through the experimenting phase all over the world. In big cities like London, it is available in certain select areas for people. Provided your device can access the 5G network in its experimental phase or not. It is being publicized as a technology that can change lives forever and make everything easier for us. 5G gaming will be the game changing technology… literally.

Video and streaming lags will soon be a thing of the past. That along with almost instant webpage loads while browsing the internet.

Speed test websites like speedcheck.org can provide a really detailed look into the quality and speed of your current internet connection. A series of consecutive tests are run by the website on the download and upload speeds along with some good analysis on the latency(ping) which helps you gain an insight into the network you are using. It also measures the stability of the connection, which shows the FPS and ping variations and can be useful information if you plan to play online games for a decent period of time.

This new technology will work so beautifully for games which require instantaneous response. Especially games like CSGO and Valorant as every frame of the game matters. Speaking of which, if you want to know which of the two is better, do check out my article on CSGO vs Valorant. So you can make the best decision before joining either game. Also, do you know how will Windows 11 affect gaming? Well this is the article for you, What Windows 11 brings for Gamers.

Cloud Gaming with 5G

Cloud gaming, is a concept that will allow gamers to play games that are hosted in the cloud rather than being stored on a console or a PC. All the graphics and video processing that usually takes place on the console would take place in the cloud. This will require a lot of consistent and heavy internet usage, which the advent of 5G will solve. Although it’ll initially be very costly, over time with new ventures and technology coming up, we can expect the prices will become reasonable. Especially in comparison to traditional methods of gaming that we have today.

Cloud platforms are going to be bigger than we’ve ever seen before. As the huge bandwidth will allow game developers to use cloud-based development and streaming services. Big gaming and technology companies like EA, Google, Microsoft and Nvidia have already announced such projects, some of which are even giving experimental access to selected people.

5G Gaming Mobile
5G gaming on mobile gaming
Source: DigitalTrends

While explaining the long term goals for Electronic Art’s cloud gaming related “Project Atlas” programme, CTO Ken Moss in a detailed post wrote: “The vision includes multiplayer games with thousands of players on maps that span thousands of kilometers, terrain-building algorithms that simplify the process of creating realistic in-game worlds, and hyper-realistic graphics. “ Though it may seem quite aspirational at the moment, he added “There are two trends driving this. Number one is cloud capabilities. There is amazing public cloud investment happening. The second trend is 5G. When 5G comes, and it is coming fast, it’s going to make this a no-brainer. We will have very high bandwidth and very low latency.”

5G gaming and Mobile Gaming

Smartphone gaming is something that suffers the most when it comes to glitches and lags due to their inability to access wired connections. The promise of offering as much as 10 times the speed of 4G is something that people are really excited about at this stage and looking forward to see. Various experts have suggested that the way 5G will change the world of smartphones and mobile gadgets is beyond our comprehension at the moment.

5G gaming
Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

Apart from the internet speed experience, the look and feel of gaming on your phone will change entirely too. Massive programming and graphical advancements from mobile game developers will bring about a lot of additional features and give console-like high-quality graphics to phone games. 5G will open up a lot of possibilities for in-game communication between players like being able to communicate with hundreds of players at once or in large groups.

There is an expectation for a massive rise in player numbers for the overall smartphone gaming industry. We expect many console and PC gamers to get into mobile gaming once it becomes an attractive alternative.

With 5G and cloud gaming, we can expect a scenario where we can use our phone as a mobile PC with a wireless keyboard and mouse for gaming and stream it to our TV, eliminating the need for a full desktop.


Currently, AR and VR are only available on a few gaming platforms. The requirements that both AR and VR demand have made it a limited function for certain devices. To execute properly, these technologies need a reliable connection to assist with processing and rendering what the user will see, as well as the computing power to pull it off. The integration of such platforms with the newer 5G networks combined with cloud computing, will take a good chunk of load out of the device and bring around massive improvements. According to experts, they will completely change the face of VR as we know it now.

5G gaming AR/VR
5G gaming
Credits: enterthemission.com

With 5G and cloud computing combined, we can expect to see more and more VR-enabled devices and machines over time. In the near future, we might see even kiosks and helpdesks armed with VR support where we can see 3D renderings of maps or other information.

When gaming in multiplayer mode, the low latency will ensure that the delay between your screen and the actual game is next to nothing. It’s not just with gaming, the streaming experience is all set to change as well with 8K being made a possibility. Combined with VR, it will give a really immersive experience to the viewer. Apart from that, the viewer can also choose their own camera angles or display multiple angles simultaneously while watching the game at home with this technology.

Browsing and Downloads

Although it will initially be used only in the major cities of the world, Once fully developed, 5G will have a huge market in countries like India and China owing to the big population densities in major cities. Telecom companies in both countries too are constantly researching on the technology, working with international giants.

The network speed will widely vary depending on the area, we can expect speeds similar to 4G in some while in other areas we can expect a full 5G speed of 10 x 4G. According to statistics, 5G is going to save almost 24 hours of download time a month, with HD movies taking a minute or two at most to fully download.

With that being said, we can’t wait to see the exciting technological capabilities and the massive boost in innovation that 5G will bring with it.

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