Hitman 3: What’s next for Agent 47?

With IOI drawing a close to the “world of assassination” trilogy with Hitman 3, fans are left wondering what’s next for the big franchise. The ability to replay the missions with different approaches was the major feature that the developers focused on. The trilogy drew excellent reviews from fans and critics alike with the latest drawing the best review among the 3.

Ever since the release of Hitman-Codename 47 in November 2000, the developers have perfected the stealth and assassination model in a very complex manner and continuously added to it over the years. The immersive and well-made story, the amazing cut-scenes coupled with the multi-approach bug free gameplay made the trilogy an absolute masterpiece.

The developer’s co-owner Christian Elverdam told Game-Informer on December last year, that he felt good walking away from the franchise and that he’s very proud of what they have achieved with the trilogy. He re-assured fans that while they won’t be working on Hitman for the time being, Agent 47 will definitely make a big comeback. Reportedly, the developer is currently focusing on a brand new series titled project-007. It’ll be based on James Bond and we can already assume it’ll borrow at least a few gameplay features from Hitman.

When we can expect the next Hitman

The way Hitman 3 ended, players could already figure out that agent 47 will make a comeback. The developers ended the game in such a way that they left multiple avenues open to progress the same storyline. From what we have seen so far, the next Hitman game will definitely have common references with what happened in the trilogy or might continue right from where they left off.

With IO working on the James Bond title and hitman being shelved for the moment, we can definitely say that agent 47 won’t be returning at least for the next 2-3 years. We might also see IO turning project-007 into a series which will mean that hitman will return at an even later date. However, we can expect updates and fresh additions to the current game.

Sources: Screen-Rant

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