Guns in Shillong and Gun-violence on the rise.

Unsolicited firearms and local shootings are something we don’t usually associate with this sleepy little town. But as times change, so do our circumstances. Is it finally time for someone to take action on the guns in Shillong?

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Photo (c): International Commission of Jurists

The Arms Act of 1959 is India’s version of the laws which control the acquisition and possession of any sort of ammunition or firearms. Under this act, a common law-abiding citizen may hold 3 firearms if he is not a sports person and has a license. This, however, has been amended to just one gun per citizen in 2019 by the BJP led government. Getting a gun in India is no simple task in comparison with other countries because of our strict laws. Guns in Shillong all fall under these laws and can only be attained by following them.

If all due procedure is followed, any person looking to buy a gun in Shillong needs to go through a background check and several interviews before acquiring a license.


Despite the stringent laws and complicated procedures, people are still illegally acquiring guns. There have been many cases of criminal acts that have occurred recently, like:


Photo (c): The Shillong times

On January 8th at 14th mile around 2 lakhs in cash was stolen from a petrol pump in Ri-bhoi by two armed miscreants carrying a 9mm pistol and an Ak-47. The armed thugs had arrived on the scene on a red and black colored Pulsar bike and fled the scene upon stealing a large amount of cash.

As of today, the armed miscreants are yet to be apprehended and are believed that the arms used by them were attained illegally.


Photo (c): BatesiTv

Another case of violence caused by guns in Shillong is the shooting of Bah Shylla and his associates. Bah Shylla had been rounded up by the Rangbah Shnong of the area to investigate a shooting that had taken place in his village. He and his other 10 associates had been shot by an armed miscreant on the way to the scene and had fled after being fired upon. According to Bah Shyllah, the shooter was accompanied by another man who was also in possession of a gun.

Bah Shylla was later taken to Civil hospital Shillong to tend to his injuries.


Because of the fact that India is not the most armed country in comparison with the others, people tend to not expect any sort of gun violence to occur in the state. Despite the fact that its laws are very strict when it comes to arms, there are still criminals out there procuring them illegally. A revision of the actual number of arms which exist and a total count of the guns in Shillong, whether they be procured legally or illegally needs to take place.

A strict background check on any current license holders and any other possible dealers should be mandatory. Although gun violence is on the rise, people are still ignorant of the possibility that guns in Shillong are starting to reach the wrong hands.

We must also realize that the police are not the only ones responsible for taking action but the people also need to raise awareness among themselves in order to remain safe.

Prime minister Narendra Modi and his government have already taken steps however in the year 2019 by adding new amendments to the Arms Act of 1959. These amendments include reducing the number of firearms allowed for an individual citizen from three to one, increases in punishment, new offences, and an all-out effort by the government to track firearms.


In conclusion, I think we as a people ought to start taking guns as a serious threat to the peace in Shillong. Not only could they impact the youth in a negative way, but if no actions are taken to prevent guns from entering our society, then all sections of it will be affected. We must stand together as a people and provide all the support we can to the respective authorities.

Proper awareness must also be raised on this topic, as this is a relatively new problem which has arisen and not many people have sufficient knowledge about this.

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